Oh em gee, its 11 days until Christmas and I for one can’t wait, my Christmas holidays also start Thursday at 5pm sharp so that’s certainly helping!

I love Christmas, even at 29, the whole day still makes me giddy with excitement. The type of excitement has of course changed, as a little girl it was the magic of Santa, presents, food and family. Now as a fully fledged adult….. its still the magic of Santa, presents, food and family. Ok so maybe it hasn’t changed at all….

I remember one particular Christmas, I would have been no more than 10, deciding what to wear that day. I had a vision of what I wanted to wear and the black shorts and white tee my mum had layed out for me weren’t even close to what I had pictured in my head.

I spat it, threw a tantrum along with most of my clothes across the room. Id like to say that a wardrobe malfunction at 29 looks very different, sadly no, If my outfit isn’t going to plan, I still know how to throw a tantrum with the best of them.

From that day on I decided to plan ahead of time what I’m going to wear Christmas day, and in later years when I started buying clothes for myself it became a sort of tradition to buy a new Christmas Day dress. I’ve done it for as long as I can remember.

I know I’m not alone in the new Christmas Day dress tradition, it’s something that a lot of my friends and family do too. While I was looking through the interwebs for my own dress I stumbled on a few that I thought you might be interested in too.

Most of these are casual outfits that could be dressed up or down accordingly, I’ve tried to go for a range of colours but I seem to be drawn to blue and corals this season so you’ll find that most outfits are based around those colour palettes.

For a dress to make it onto my Christmas short list it has to meet a certain criteria
– Flowy – For obvious food gorging reasons.
– Festive – Has to make me smile.
– Functional – Has to be comfortable for all day wear.

The below 5 options meet all these and would make great choices for Christmas day, or any day for that matter.
I’ve also added some accessories in there too because, why stop at the dress? Tis the season after all!

Look 1

PicMonkey Collage

1.Bohemian traders dress   ||   2.Spendless Lotus Sandals   ||   3.Sportsgirl necklace   ||   4.Essie nail polish  

Look 2


1.Namoi maxi dress   ||   2.Novo Rani shoes   ||   3.Gold Bangle   ||   4.Forever new Joanna clutch

Look 3


1.Target Dress Scarf print   ||   2.Novo Lucette shoes   ||   3.Colette fine knot cuff   ||   4. Forever New beaded Clutch

Look 4


1.Jeans west sally silk printed dress   ||   2.Playa Target sandals black    ||   3.Katies Double bangle   ||                       4.Mac lipstick- Flat out fabulous


Look 5



1.Blue Bungalow Mulberry cold shoulder dress   ||   2.Novo Amazon tan shoes   ||   3.Cotton on sunglasses
4.Target floppy hat



I have personally gone for some thing similar to look  # 1, it is waiting patiently for me in my wardrobe until Santa says its time.
I do love a shift dress at the best of times and I know it will be perfect for our long family lunch and dinner at home.

I’m also loving the casualness of look # 5, I think that hat and kaftan may just be arriving at my door step very soon!

What about you, do you buy a new outfit for Christmas Day?


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  • I do like buying a new outfit for every occasion but than again who doesn’t? I have the Amazon Novo wedges they are great. I love the gorgeous orange maxi dress.

    • It’s such a nice way to celebrate Christmas isn’t it? The orange Namoi Maxi Dress is stunning, I tried it on the other day and fell hard!

  • Jade

    I love the orange naomi dress, i am really thinking about buying it as a Christmas present for myself