Not that long ago, the thought of putting my makeup-less face on the internet would have had me convulsing silently in a dark corner, to be honest it still kind of does. But if I’m going to blog about Beauty products I need to get over it, even if it does slightly look like Lindsay Lohan’s mug shot circa 2007. Anyway here goes…. eek.

Ok now that that is out of the way…

Today I’m talking about foundation, particularly for those of us who have freckles.

There’s 2 ways a freckled gal can go when it comes to wearing foundation, the first is to cover them up with a thick pan stick style make up. The other is to try to find a foundation that smooths and perfects but still letting them shine through. Both options are perfectly fine, its all about personal preference.

I now like to let to let my freckles shine through but I’m the first to admit I used to be a card carrying member of the pan stick cover up club, mainly because I didn’t really know how else to do it. I had my make-up done ‘professionally’ a few times and took my cues from there. Turns out I was just going to the wrong professionals…

I remember one time at a photoshoot at Studio 2000 (hello early 2000’s!) the make-up lady casually asked if I would like to cover up my pigmentation. The way she said ‘pigmentation’ was quite frankly a tad judgey… being a girl of 13 years and all, I went with it. Not that I was fooling anyone because if you gaze down at my décolletage and arms you’ll see many a freckle.

Another makeup artist tried to match the foundation to my base skin colour, as most freckle ladies know, this just washes you out. Like a dodgy white wash effect.

I personally like my skin to look sun kissed and glowing, not washed out and matte, this means a liquid foundation in a light or medium coverage with a translucent powder to hold it in place.


So after careful consideration and years of practise here are my top 5 tips for applying a sun kissed base for those of us with freckles.

  1. Find the happy medium. It’s quite controversial but I like to go ½ – 1 shade darker than my base skin colour. Now I know what you’re thinking, what about the neck blending? Surprisingly it’s ok, as I am only using a light to medium coverage, it blends quite well without it looking like an orange mask. I also try to look for a beige based colour as opposed to a pink based one, my skin reflects any type of pink as it is so I like to counter that out. If going 1 shade darker is too much for you than you could try buying 2 colours and mixing them together to get the perfect shade.
    I also recommend getting a foundation with SPF in it, better yet, add a separate face sunscreen before your foundation.

2. Concealer is your friend. Chances are your freckle placement has no rhyme or reason, for example I have so many on my cheeks that they have pretty much blended together, this makes under the skin under my eyes stand out and look haggard (plus I’ve got some serious eye bags going on), concealer here is a life saver.

3. Use a translucent setting powder. I like to build up the colour with my liquid foundation and then set it in a translucent powder. Sometimes I find the coloured powders can go on unevenly and make your skin look blotchy. With translucent this isn’t a problem and most times your foundation will last the day.

4. Contour Contour Contour. The day I figured out how to contour and highlight was a game changer. In the darker colour I do along my jaw line, under the apples of my checks and down the sides of my nose. I then use a highlighter to go down the bridge of my nose and just above where my blush starts. Contouring helps make your skin look sun kissed and fresh, with the added bonus of inserting cheek bones and in the words of Zoolander ‘deeply chiselled features.‘.

5. Finally Blush. Personally I like a powder in an peach/apricot colour, again the pink shades do nothing for me. Blush should go on to the apples of the checks, no lower than the bottom of your nose and no further in then the middle of your eye, this draws a perfect little box as a starting point.

PicMonkey Collage 2

My foundation of choice is from Arbonne. It’s vegan friendly and a medium coverage that has no aluminium in it. The great thing about that is it doesn’t reflect light. You know how sometimes when you have a flash photo taken and your face is lighter than your chest? That’s the aluminium reflecting the light from the flash. With Arbonne, that’s no more. This is the colour Honey Beige and somehow it seems to suit me through varying levels of fake tan, it’s like the jeans in the movie The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants.

The only down side is that it’s only available online or through a make-up party (think old school Nurtimetics parties but better)

foundation alone

products finshed

  1. Garnier Miracle Skin Cream
  2.  Arbonne Foundation
  3. Revlon Photo ready concealer
  4. Rimmel translucent powder
  5. Sleek Contour Palette

The other products I have used for the above photos are available from Priceline Australia, with the exception of the sleek contour palette. In summer or on low key make up days I will swap the foundation for a BB cream, I personally like the Maybelline Dream Pure.

What about you so you have any foundation tips or tricks?


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