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The Bali travel guide pt 1

In case I haven’t made it very clear in the lead up and past week, I have just come back from 7 days in beautiful Bali.

I just adore Bali, I love the busy yet somehow laid back vibe, the shopping, the constant beep beep from every passing car, cab and scooter, the sunshine, the culture and of course the fact that cocktail hour is basically whenever you feel like it.

This trip makes my 4th visit to Bali so of course that now makes me an expert. I have picked up some tips and tricks along the way that I think may just come in handy for you all.


Beauty Prep count down | Events

Spring is just around the corner and with it comes wedding and event season… pretty soon our social calendars are going to be filled with parties and events that all require us to do some form of body/ beauty maintenance.

Beauty prep looks different for each of us, some are more low key while others like me go all out; both are totally fine! It’s up to the individual just how far they want to go.

I love this stuff so I go for the works… Most I do myself and some I call in the big guns. To some my routine may seem like a bit of an over kill while to others it’s just touching the surface.


Spring has almost Sprung…. time to organise that wardrobe

It’s almost that time again. Yep I’m talking about organising your wardrobe time.

Within the next few weeks I’ll put a day aside that shall be consumed with thoroughly going through my wardrobe and getting it back to some sort of level of organisation.

I generally do this twice a year, at the start of Spring/ Summer and at the start of Autumn/ Winter. I am cursed with a teeny tiny wardrobe and a measly chest of drawers so I simply don’t have the space to have my entire wardrobe on show all year round.


What to say when you don’t know what to say

Last week I was chatting to a lady and we got ta talking, now I didn’t bring it up but somehow the topic of conversation turned to MS. I didn’t know this lady very well and she was unaware that I actually have it.

I don’t try to hide the fact I have MS, I see no point, its not a shameful or embarrassing thing so I casually slipped in that yes, I know a thing or two about it because I do indeed have it.


Soon ill be 30 years old…

Once I was seven years old….

Do you ever find yourself telling stories about the past and always referring to your former self as a certain age? I do. For me anything that happened to me as a kid happened when I was seven… 

It didn’t of course it’s just the age that’s stuck in my head.

The fact that I can use some of the words from Lukas Graham’s song 7 Years is just a bonus…

I guess it’s because when you are seven, things are starting to change, you are starting to grow out of your kid and baby phase and slowly taking more notice of the world around you.


Discovering Lush Handmade Cosmetics

A few weeks back I was invited to attend the Bloggers United Birthday Bash held at Lush Marion.

It was an evening of games, canapes, chatting to other bloggers and of course learning about some of the fab products at Lush.

Now I’ll be honest, I had been into Lush before but aside from the occasional bath bomb I hadn’t really considered looking into any of the other products sold in store.


Winter Warming | The Glove Edit

I don’t mean to state the obvious here but how effing cold is it in Adelaide this week? I don’t think I’ve ever been this cold and I lived in Ashton (Freezing town in the Adelaide Hills) for 15 years with only an oil heater and a hot water bottle.

I thought we were going to skim over these artic conditions due to the delayed Autumn temperatures of 18/19 degrees that we were seeing….remember those days? Me neither, it’s so cold I’ve forgotten what warm feels like…..Can you tell I’m a bit of a cold weather sooky la la?


Top 5 Nude Lipsticks under $20

Someone made a comment to me the other day about how I don’t wear a lot of makeup and it was lovely to see…. I think I nearly fell on the floor laughing.

For you see dear ones, I do indeed wear a tonne of makeup, I’m not ashamed, I love the stuff. In fact my daily routine is probably what most people would do when they head out of a night time… True story.

It may sound like a lot of work but truthfully once you have your routine down it takes no time at all, Im like the flash, its done in a jiffy… and if im running late? I just utilise my travel time wisely, I’ve been known to do the old car/ traffic light application many times.


Eating your way around the East Side of Adelaide

Happy Friday lovelies! How has your week been? I don’t know about you but despite the Adelaide temp dropping like a bazillion degrees I’ve had a pretty good week, I mean I have already left the house twice (aside from work of course)… That’s a win. Especially considering its Winter and I have Netflix…

Speaking of leaving the house, that’s what inspired todays blog post…. A few friends and I were trying to think of a place to go for my friends birthday (Hi Teeny!) Today I have a list of top places to eat out that won’t make your credit cards cry tears of pain. We are starting in the East and moving around Adelaide…

If you are from another state or country you may find this kinda dull, but should you ever visit us you’ll know where to go!


Your results are in… jokes come back another day

You may remember a few weeks ago I wrote this post on what to expect during an MRI and how to not freak out, I’ll assume you probably do because so far it was my highest read post! This is largely thanks to my friend Jenni from Styling Curvy who shared the love and my post on her facebook page bringing lots of new and lovely faces over to my little corner of the internet. (Thanks again Jen!)

The purpose of writing that post was simple, to help others. When we talk about these types of things and share our knowledge the fear starts to slowly diminish and we can hopefully move forward with these experiences making them just that little bit easier.

When we open up the conversation the fear of the unknown no longer has any power over us and we’re a lot stronger for it.