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The tops and tees that made me ditch the dresses

You guys, its a blog post on a Saturday! What’s with that? Don’t ask me, any structure we once had around here seems to be shot to sh*t lately, lets just go with it shall we?

Is everyone loving the EOFY sales as much as I am? Each day my inbox is bombarded with emails telling me about all these wonderful sales, its a glorious time in the shopping world my friends, glorious.


What to expect when having an MRI and how to avoid freaking out

If you’re a regular around these parts you will know that I am a card carrying member of the MS club (Multiple Sclerosis), I call it a club but to be honest its not all that popular and people kinda resist joining. 

Simply put, I have MS… but im assuming you have picked up on that by now.

You will also know that so far I have had a pretty cruzy run with it. (touch wood, cross fingers, cross toes, wish upon all the stars)

In fact most days I don’t even think about it, I take a tablet at 8pm each night and go on about my days relatively unaffected. Truthfully some days I start to question if I even have it, that’s why when people ask me how I am going I honestly shrug it off, I don’t feel like I have a right to complain or get upset because of the easy run I have. So many other fellow MS club members have it much worse than I do, I feel its almost insulting if I were to sit here and feel sorry for myself.

It may not always be this cruzy but so far so good… I am more than aware of the possibilities but I have decided that these symptoms/ relapses sound a little bit shit so im not having any. Simple.

That’s the way the world works right?

Thought so.


Winter home slothing- What to wear

I don’t know about you but some of the hardest days to get dressed for are the days when I have no plans and am doing sweet F.A. (fuck all)

You know, the kind of days where going to the supermarket is the most exciting thing that you have planned.

Its easy in summer, a loose flowy dress and you’re donzo, but in winter we need to layer it up a bit to keep us protected from the elements.

Murphy’s law also means that it’ll be on these types of days that I’ll get a phone call for a last minute catch up to go meet a friend for exciting out of house activities…. with 10 minutes warning…

Now If I am slothing around wearing my thread bare trackies, hair not done and makeup-less this is simply not going to happen, not in 10 minutes. Call me vain, I don’t care, I’m still not going.

This is why I like to make an effort to ‘get dressed’ even on my days off, sure sometimes that means leggings, a giant cardi and some slippers but, should I get invited to some sort of fun fest I can be there in a jiffy.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not sitting at home all dolled up waiting for a party, but if I am wearing proper clothes I am less likely to decline said invites or sit and watch 1000 hours of Gossip Girl reruns.


Its time to come back to centre and regroup

Ah my little blog, I have been neglecting you lately and it’s starting to show. You’re like a 6 week old hair do, the regrowth is so dark it could now pass as ombre… I am sorry. Please except this blog post as my apology.

My reasons are varied, one is the most obvious…. I’m time poor, But aren’t we all….


Swiping right…. You can find me on tinder y’all…. sort of….

You guys, it finally happened. Truthfully I’ve been waiting for this day since I started my blog a few months back.

It’s only natural to receive some form of flack when you put yourself out there online as much as I do, I should probably be grateful I haven’t had the entourage of abuse like some of my other blogger friends get.

I blame the age old saying that ‘everyone is entitled to their own opinion’ in theory I agree with this statement, I struggle with it when someone is using said opinion to make a negative judgement on another for no reason at all and then voice it.


Wearing | Empress Eleven

Well well well, look who is finally writing a blog post!

I have taken a few weeks off so let me get you up to speed.

I didn’t actually plan to take some time off of the blog, it just kinda happened, I have been pretty busy with work and my studying and blogging just got thrown to the side lines for a bit, truthfully I have missed it.

In saying that, I do think I may have bitten off more than I can chew, so I may cut back on the blogging for the next few months, until I get back into the swing of things anyway. I’ll try to post at least once or twice a week but aiming for 3 is getting a little much.

I was finding that keeping up with a blogging schedule was becoming a bit of a chore so after a few weeks off I decided the best way forward was to just cut back, quality over quantity styles!


Wearing | Namoi Designs


If there’s one thing I love to do on a Saturday afternoon it’s go and visit my cousin Kalila in her little shop on Glen Osmond Rd – Namoi Designs. (say Na-Moi, not Naomi)

I have watched Namoi grow right from its inception, starting with a few pieces here and there, growing into markets and an online shop and finally to where it is today, a real life bricks and mortar store.

Each time I visit the store there’s one particular style that always catches my eye…. The chiffon Poncho.


4 months to go…..

If you are a regular around here you will know that I am currently studying a diploma of counselling. The way a person’s mind works has always fascinated me, how two people can look at the same object or situation and have two completely different outcomes will always manage to amaze me.

Most of the time these difference of opinions stem from our past experiences and domestication process, everything we have endured and lived through has somehow shaped and influenced how we come to such conclusions. Sometimes this is in positive light and others not so much.


Grooming guide for a job interview

The other day we talked about how to nail that job interview. Today I want to focus on what to wear and how to present yourself.

This varies from job to job. A corporate job is going to have a completely different vibe to a creative field and you need to consider that in your outfit choice. This post is based around an office/ corporate job as that’s what I have the most experience in and I think it’s where most of us can get a little stuck.

Either way these points are good for anyone to take into consideration and adapt as you need.


My favourite body moisturisers for Autumn/ Winter skin

I don’t know about the weather where you live but here in Adelaide Autumn has well and truly started, I for one couldn’t be happier. I love the fashion around this time of year, the colours, the layers, the ankle boots….

What I don’t like is what the colder dry air in Autumn/ Winter does to my skin. The air dehydrates it making it dry, rough and scaly…. Ewww. Now add a heater to the mix and my skin is really hating life.

Im pretty good at the body moisturiser upkeep, I have naturally very dry skin as it is and as an avid fake tanner it’s pretty much a necessity to do it daily.