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Wearing | The Swing Dress

I once heard a quote from the fabulous Sarah Jessica Parker….

“You should never spend more on a sweater than you do on your grocery bill”

I was a little surprised to hear that Ms Parker did not follow in Carrie’s footsteps on the matter. In my mind Carrie is a real person strutting around NYC and one day we shall meet and be the best of friends.

Although I was surprised to hear it, I happen to agree with her. Im all for wearing quality and ethically made clothing but sometimes I think (myself included) we need to put our foot down when it comes to spending outside of our means.

In saying that everyone’s ‘grocery bill’ is different. What I spend on clothes may seem like an extravagant amount to some while being peanuts to others.


How to nail that job interview

I was chatting to a friend the other day who is currently looking for a new job, having previously worked as a recruitment consultant for the Education sector I have performed more interviews than I have been too. So clearly I am an expert on the matter…. We chatted about the things I think are important and I thought that it just might be of interest to y’all.

Working in recruitment was a comforting experience in a way, any nervous feelings I have about going into an interview are pretty much gone, and after all, the interviewer is a person just like you. They go home at night, feed their families, scrub their showers, and pick up after their dog…. (You get the point) they are nothing to be afraid of.


Wearing | Passion Q & Lillianna Plus

I make no secret of my love of bohemian dressing, its one of my favourite dressing styles.

Even on some of the more classic clothing items in my wardrobe, I will generally try to add in a touch of boho to the mix, albeit sometimes subtly.
A necklace, a handbag, a pair of shoes…. Something to add a bit of Caitlin.

When Passion Q contacted me to see if I would like to try some of their clothes it took a few seconds to peruse the website before I said a big fat yes.

I chose items that I know would fit into my current lifestyle and work back with pieces I already own, its part of my new shopping mantra…. Nothing is coming into my wardrobe unless I can wear it at least 3 ways and I have the accessories/basics to back it up.


Wearing | Rockmans

Welcome to Wednesday’s wearing post…… on Friday!

If you’re a regular around here you will know that each Wednesday I aim to do a wearing post.

I try to feature different clothes worn in different ways, not only for your inspiration but my own as well.

It makes me more accountable for what I put on my back and also inspires me to try new and different things outside of my comfort zone.


The Photo….

Oh Hi there! how was everyone’s Easter? Im not sure if you noticed but I took complete advantage of the public holidays and took a little blog break… It was the bomb digity.

As a result my Wearing post photos are not quite ready yet so I decided to swap for Friday’s post. I’ve got a new Rockmans outfit to show you all so make sure you come back for that!

Now, back to business, here is Fridays post about my current weightloss and how far I’ve come.


Wearing | The Big W Bargain

What’s this? A wearing post? I know I know, I’ve been MIA on the wearing post front of late.

Most of you will know that I have been going through a rough patch recently, its not something I have delved deep into on here but the truth is that Mr.Twist and I have decided to part ways. A mutual decision that results in us still being good friends. That’s all I’m going to say on it as it’s not just my story to tell, but I wish him well.

I didn’t mean for that last part to rhyme but here we are.


The Camping Trip | The Glamour Guide

Over the long weekend I went camping along the side of the Murray River in Blanchtown SA.

My friend Naomi goes with her family and invited me along, for a few days I tried to think of a decent excuse not to go but in the end couldn’t come up with a single one.

My hesitation was put down to two simple facts….. No electricity and no showers. For 5 days.


Introducing into the Wild- Harlow

I do love this blogging caper. In 3 short months it has already opened so many new doors for me and in turn lead me to meet some amazing new people. Some I have only ‘met’ online while others I have had the pleasure of meeting in the flesh.

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to be invited to a sneak preview of the new Harlow Autumn/ Winter clothing launch.


How I learnt to read Angel cards

A few years ago I kind of lost my way, like so many other lost before me I went searching for something. Something I could find and in turn, also could find me.

I am naturally quite solution orientated, if somethings wrong? lets fix it. If you don’t like your life? change it. Everyone’s got something to be sad about if you search hard enough, just like the reverse is true, each of us also have something that brings us joy.

Through most situations in my life I try to look for the good, I try to look for the positive, I try to find the light when its pitch fucking black. Darkness does not exist without the light, this I know for sure.