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In December last year, I remember thinking just how average the Summer was that we were having.
Cut to December 2015 and Adelaide has definitely upped the ante.

Most days you can count on the sun to do its thing and turn up the heat to the extremes.

What does one wear on a sweltering Summer’s day? To me the answer is always a dress. Actually to be honest, whatever the weather, I usually reach for a dress.

It must be loose, it must be flowy and it must make me smile.

Enter the kaftan, no longer just for retired ladies and gents playing lawn bowls in down town California.



I have long been a fan of the Kaftan for the easy wear factor and its ability to be dressed up or down.

I spotted this one online at Blue Bungalow and it was on its way to me within 10 minutes.
Even better, it was at my door step within 24 hours. I love that, I’m so impatient waiting for online purchases to arrive, I just want all the things now!

I’ve worn this dress twice in the few short days I’ve had it in my hot little hands and each time it’s been perfect, it’s like wearing comfy pyjamas but still look acceptable to wear out in public.

I also love the cold shoulder action that is going on, the best bit is the slightly wider straps, I can get away with wearing my normal everyday bra and the straps are still hidden. Winning my friends, winning.

Size wise, it’s a one size fits all so depending on your size will obviously affect how loose/tight it is.

Here I have just added some simple accessories and sandals. I don’t know about you but I can’t stand too much jewellery when the temperature starts to rise. I do love some bling but on a 40 degree day? Forget it.

My cotton on aviator sunglasses are enough for me, such a bargain at $15 a pair!

What about you, what’s your go to summer staple?

Kaftan | Blue Bungalow
Sandals | Similar
Sunglasses | Cotton On


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When I was growing up I spent every Wednesday night at my grandparents house.

We all lived in the Adelaide hills, funnily enough we actually had 3 family homes on that same hill, and would walk to and from each others house as we please.

Most Wednesday nights some of my cousins would come too, we would frolic and laugh until the sun went down, at which point my Nanny would force us to come inside and get ready for bed.


5 casual Christmas Day Outfits

Oh em gee, its 11 days until Christmas and I for one can’t wait, my Christmas holidays also start Thursday at 5pm sharp so that’s certainly helping!

I love Christmas, even at 29, the whole day still makes me giddy with excitement. The type of excitement has of course changed, as a little girl it was the magic of Santa, presents, food and family. Now as a fully fledged adult….. its still the magic of Santa, presents, food and family. Ok so maybe it hasn’t changed at all….


Wearing | Wedding Swag

Woah, what a weekend, jam packed and full of fun. It’s definitely December that’s for sure!

Actually truth be told, this is the first time my December has been fully booked for a long time.
You know how everyone always raves about how full on and busy they are at this time of year? Well for me the past few years in the lead up to Christmas I’ve had many a weekend to spare! I think Santa must have taken pity on me because 2015 has showed me what all the fuss is about.


Wearing | The Cold shoulder Dress

A few years ago, Oprah came to Australia, to get tickets you had to be chosen from a raffle type situation. I missed out and was devastated. I’m not ashamed to admit that I pretty much do whatever Oprah tells me to, I love her. I truly believe that if given the chance to meet, we would be the best of friends (Suck it Gayle).

Earlier this year, I heard that Oprah was doing another tour of Australia and there was no way in hell I was going to miss out again! I wasn’t taking any chances, I instilled the help of a friend who has ticketing connections and made sure I got my sacred place!


Wearing: Nyata

Wow! How great are you guys… on Monday I shared a pretty personal post about my health story and my recent diagnosis with MS. Your response was pretty amazing, it’s not easy to put yourself out there like that but having it welcomed with open arms really did make it that much easier. In case you missed it you can read it here.

I am really loving this blogging caper so far, everyone is so supportive and encouraging. All your comments, likes and messages don’t go unnoticed, I really do appreciate it!


Boho Chic with Bohemian Traders

I love the season change over, especially the cusp of Spring and Summer in Adelaide, you still get some decent sun during the day but it’s cool enough that you’re not chained to the air-conditioning.

The days are longer and allure of frolicking in the sunshine drags us away from the Netflix. (Ok that last part might just be me)

I remember being a little girl hearing adult conversations about the weather. Phrases thrown around like “It’s such a lovely day” & “There’s not a cloud in the sky”. I remember thinking to myself how boring, I never want to become one of those people, I’ll be the coolest adult in all the land, and will never talk about the weather…