What I’ve been up to lately….

It’s been a while between blog posts so make sure you’re sitting down cause this is a long one.

The past few months have been a bit cray cray for me, I’m busier than I’ve ever been and to be honest it has kind of taken its toll.

I know now that I’ve taken on more than I can handle and while I can’t cull my load just yet, I can try to make changes to handle it better.


New year | New Changes

Hello 2017, haven’t you been lovely so far! That’s largely part to me still being on holidays but as they are coming to an end tomorrow it has got me thinking of how I am going to take charge and make my year just that little bit brighter.

Many of these things I incorporated in as New Year’s Resolutions. The concept of New Year’s Resolutions seems to divide people, personally I am all for them, if you need a reminder such as January 1st then so be it…. I know I do!

Lately I have noticed that I have not been feeling 100%, I feel claggy, sluggish and have little to no energy. I am convinced it is because of my eating and exercise regime, or lack thereof.


Happy New Year!!!

New Years Eve, is seems to be one of those things that you either love or hate; Personally, I fall into the love category for a few reasons. 

Firstly, I love setting resolutions, ok so they may not always work out how I had hoped but having and setting goals is a good and positive thing. Sure you can set goals at any time of the year but i find New Years Eve acts as a sort of reminder/ benchmark.


Things I am obsessed with | September

Do you ever go through phases where you are absolutely loving something so you thrash it to an almost certain death?

I do. In fact sometimes this love can be borderline obsessive, like the month that I watched Dumb & Dumber every night so I could fall asleep. (Just kidding……… It was actually 2 months)

That’s just who I am, if I love something I want it all day everyday… that probably explains a lot about my highly addictive personality. Luckily for me, these habits are not all that harmful, in fact I find them quite delightful.

I do love hearing about new things, shops or experiences so please feel free to share in the comments below somethings that are currently floating your boat!


What to do in Bali

I have been to Bali a few times now and definitely have my favourite things that I absolutely must do, of course this list is growing all the time but here’s what I have so far… Im not really a Monkey Park or Waterbom Park kind of gal so here you will find all Caitlin approved activities that I try to squeeze in between the Mojitos each and every time!


The Bali travel guide pt 1

In case I haven’t made it very clear in the lead up and past week, I have just come back from 7 days in beautiful Bali.

I just adore Bali, I love the busy yet somehow laid back vibe, the shopping, the constant beep beep from every passing car, cab and scooter, the sunshine, the culture and of course the fact that cocktail hour is basically whenever you feel like it.

This trip makes my 4th visit to Bali so of course that now makes me an expert. I have picked up some tips and tricks along the way that I think may just come in handy for you all.


Spring has almost Sprung…. time to organise that wardrobe

It’s almost that time again. Yep I’m talking about organising your wardrobe time.

Within the next few weeks I’ll put a day aside that shall be consumed with thoroughly going through my wardrobe and getting it back to some sort of level of organisation.

I generally do this twice a year, at the start of Spring/ Summer and at the start of Autumn/ Winter. I am cursed with a teeny tiny wardrobe and a measly chest of drawers so I simply don’t have the space to have my entire wardrobe on show all year round.


Eating your way around the East Side of Adelaide

Happy Friday lovelies! How has your week been? I don’t know about you but despite the Adelaide temp dropping like a bazillion degrees I’ve had a pretty good week, I mean I have already left the house twice (aside from work of course)… That’s a win. Especially considering its Winter and I have Netflix…

Speaking of leaving the house, that’s what inspired todays blog post…. A few friends and I were trying to think of a place to go for my friends birthday (Hi Teeny!) Today I have a list of top places to eat out that won’t make your credit cards cry tears of pain. We are starting in the East and moving around Adelaide…

If you are from another state or country you may find this kinda dull, but should you ever visit us you’ll know where to go!


Grooming guide for a job interview

The other day we talked about how to nail that job interview. Today I want to focus on what to wear and how to present yourself.

This varies from job to job. A corporate job is going to have a completely different vibe to a creative field and you need to consider that in your outfit choice. This post is based around an office/ corporate job as that’s what I have the most experience in and I think it’s where most of us can get a little stuck.

Either way these points are good for anyone to take into consideration and adapt as you need.


How to nail that job interview

I was chatting to a friend the other day who is currently looking for a new job, having previously worked as a recruitment consultant for the Education sector I have performed more interviews than I have been too. So clearly I am an expert on the matter…. We chatted about the things I think are important and I thought that it just might be of interest to y’all.

Working in recruitment was a comforting experience in a way, any nervous feelings I have about going into an interview are pretty much gone, and after all, the interviewer is a person just like you. They go home at night, feed their families, scrub their showers, and pick up after their dog…. (You get the point) they are nothing to be afraid of.