The Photo….

Oh Hi there! how was everyone’s Easter? Im not sure if you noticed but I took complete advantage of the public holidays and took a little blog break… It was the bomb digity.

As a result my Wearing post photos are not quite ready yet so I decided to swap for Friday’s post. I’ve got a new Rockmans outfit to show you all so make sure you come back for that!

Now, back to business, here is Fridays post about my current weightloss and how far I’ve come.


The Camping Trip | The Glamour Guide

Over the long weekend I went camping along the side of the Murray River in Blanchtown SA.

My friend Naomi goes with her family and invited me along, for a few days I tried to think of a decent excuse not to go but in the end couldn’t come up with a single one.

My hesitation was put down to two simple facts….. No electricity and no showers. For 5 days.


How I learnt to read Angel cards

A few years ago I kind of lost my way, like so many other lost before me I went searching for something. Something I could find and in turn, also could find me.

I am naturally quite solution orientated, if somethings wrong? lets fix it. If you don’t like your life? change it. Everyone’s got something to be sad about if you search hard enough, just like the reverse is true, each of us also have something that brings us joy.

Through most situations in my life I try to look for the good, I try to look for the positive, I try to find the light when its pitch fucking black. Darkness does not exist without the light, this I know for sure.


Recipe | Mexican Tortilla Pie

Happy Monday everyone, if there is such a thing!
Last week I shared my thoughts about changing my diet to a vegetarian/vegan way of living in an attempt to slow the progression of my MS. (you can read about that here)
I’m still not 100% sure what avenue I will take but I did decide to take baby steps and start by trying out a few vegetarian recipes in amongst our weekly meal rotation.
I love Mexican food and its so easy to adapt into the vegetarian way without having to sacrifice flavour. This original recipe was from Martha Stewart with beef mince but I have slightly adapted it for obvious reasons!


Valentine’s Day on a budget

Ah Valentine’s Day, from my experience you either love it or hate it regardless of relationship status.

Personally I fall into the love it camp, I don’t make a big deal about it but I do like to acknowledge it to some degree. I realise it’s not a day everyone gets on board with for various reasons but I do think it’s nice to spend quality time with your loved one, the big V-day can sometimes be a timely reminder in amongst our busy schedules.


The MS Diaries | The Diet Plan?

As soon as I was diagnosed with MS I consulted Dr Google.

Everyone knows it’s a bad idea but sometimes you can’t help it, it’s right there at your fingertips ready and waiting.

I did (and still do) have the common sense to click away if I see something too confronting, I am not naïve to the possibilities of this illness but I see no point in worrying about something that realistically I cannot change. In this case, I choose the ignorance is bliss tactic. I may not always feel this way but for now, it’s how I choose to cope.

It was during my Dr Google diagnosis that I stumbled on different research that explores how much diet can affect and influence your MS progression.


10 tips for Hosting Christmas Lunch

One of the things I like the most about the magic of Christmas is how different it looks in every family. Everyone has their own traditions, religious or otherwise and year in, year out we carry on these traditions, just to make our family and friends happy.

I have quite a large family. My mum is one of five children who combined have bought 15 children into this world, most of us are older and have partners and children of their own. If every single person showed up on the day there would be 58 of us….. fifty eight……

We use to do this every alternate year on Christmas day and each family would take it in turns to host. As you can imagine it’s an all hands on deck kind of occasion, cooking a traditional sit down meal for a crowd of that size takes a lot of preparation and planning.


Men’s gifts for under $50

Last Friday night I was at a friends house having one or two glasses of wine to wet my whistle and listening to some music, when IT came on. I am of course referring to my favourite Christmas song, ‘All I want for Christmas” by Mariah Carey. It was officially the first ‘Mariah’ of the silly season. Since we’re amongst friends, I don’t mind saying that it’s the first of many…

I just love Mariah Christmas, it has to be my most favourite time of year. The food, the drinks, the catch ups and of course the gifts.