Milestones… This Friday I have one!

You may have noticed my absence lately both here on the blog and also on my socials, or not, maybe I’ve left it so long y’all be like ‘Twist of who?!’

I have mentioned before that the combination of starting my new job and trying to finish off my study has left me a bit time poor. While all this is true and certainly a worthy excuse, it was exactly that; an excuse.


Its weird to meet people on the internet in real life right?

I was chatting to a friend the other day who was looking to expand her dating horizons, she was toying with the idea whether or not to get Tinder. She decided to download the app and start chatting but when it came time to actually meet some of these people she refused to go. (& no before you ask it wasn’t me lol)

Not because she wasn’t interested but because meeting people online is weird right? Its desperate and only for single losers with no actual prospects.

Ah no, not even close. It’s for people who are no longer interested in going to Red Square every Saturday night, for people who are looking to meet a new circle of people or friends or yes, occasionally people who are just looking to hook up.


Soon ill be 30 years old…

Once I was seven years old….

Do you ever find yourself telling stories about the past and always referring to your former self as a certain age? I do. For me anything that happened to me as a kid happened when I was seven… 

It didn’t of course it’s just the age that’s stuck in my head.

The fact that I can use some of the words from Lukas Graham’s song 7 Years is just a bonus…

I guess it’s because when you are seven, things are starting to change, you are starting to grow out of your kid and baby phase and slowly taking more notice of the world around you.


Its time to come back to centre and regroup

Ah my little blog, I have been neglecting you lately and it’s starting to show. You’re like a 6 week old hair do, the regrowth is so dark it could now pass as ombre… I am sorry. Please except this blog post as my apology.

My reasons are varied, one is the most obvious…. I’m time poor, But aren’t we all….


Swiping right…. You can find me on tinder y’all…. sort of….

You guys, it finally happened. Truthfully I’ve been waiting for this day since I started my blog a few months back.

It’s only natural to receive some form of flack when you put yourself out there online as much as I do, I should probably be grateful I haven’t had the entourage of abuse like some of my other blogger friends get.

I blame the age old saying that ‘everyone is entitled to their own opinion’ in theory I agree with this statement, I struggle with it when someone is using said opinion to make a negative judgement on another for no reason at all and then voice it.


4 months to go…..

If you are a regular around here you will know that I am currently studying a diploma of counselling. The way a person’s mind works has always fascinated me, how two people can look at the same object or situation and have two completely different outcomes will always manage to amaze me.

Most of the time these difference of opinions stem from our past experiences and domestication process, everything we have endured and lived through has somehow shaped and influenced how we come to such conclusions. Sometimes this is in positive light and others not so much.


Word of the week

Each Friday is a self-proclaimed Caitlin day, ok not really its jam packed with study, blogging and errands but still, it’s a day off of paid work that I get to catch up on all my business.

First thing in the morning I plan out what I need to do that day but at the same time I reflect on the week that’s just been. After my reflection time (which is nothing special, its usually just 5 minutes in the shower) I give the week a word.


It’s my 3 month blogaversary!

Last week my blog had it’s 3 month anniversary or should I say blogaversary. To be honest at the time I didn’t even twig on, its only sitting here now writing this that it dawned on me.

Although I’ve learnt so much in these short 3 months I still have a long way to go. I’m still finding my blogging feet and yet to find my groove. Learning aside, I can say that I am loving it, I have made and met some new internet friends, I have had some great interaction with readers who have identified with me and my stories, and I have found a new community which I feel very welcomed into.


New Year, New Resolutions

Did you hear the news?  Chances are if I have seen you in the last 48 hours you have….Late Wednesday night I was browsing on my iphone before bed, as you do, when I received an email. It has possibly been my most favourite email I have received this year.

A few months back I entered a competition with Styling You and Olympus to win the Pen E-PL7 ‘selfie’ camera, I entered and then to be honest had forgotten all about it.


I have lived a sheltered life, here’s list of classic movies I’ve never seen….

Its Friday! Possibly my most favourite day of the week, mainly because I have it off of work.

It’s my day to write, study, run errands (I love errands!) and do all the things, that way our weekends are for the most part our free time to play and do activities.

Today I thought we would keep things light hearted and go with a classic list post, I do love a list so perhaps we might make them a regular thing around these bloggy parts… Ok? Let’s get started!