The MS Diaries

My MS anniversary – 1 year on

A few weeks ago I had my 1 year official MS diagnosis anniversary. Such an anniversary is not one to be particularly celebrated so I let the day go by with not so much as a thought.

That is pretty much my MS strategy in a nutshell, live each and every day without giving it a second thought. Of course it does creep in occasionally, and that’s totally ok, but it doesn’t get me down, I won’t let it.


What to say when you don’t know what to say

Last week I was chatting to a lady and we got ta talking, now I didn’t bring it up but somehow the topic of conversation turned to MS. I didn’t know this lady very well and she was unaware that I actually have it.

I don’t try to hide the fact I have MS, I see no point, its not a shameful or embarrassing thing so I casually slipped in that yes, I know a thing or two about it because I do indeed have it.


Your results are in… jokes come back another day

You may remember a few weeks ago I wrote this post on what to expect during an MRI and how to not freak out, I’ll assume you probably do because so far it was my highest read post! This is largely thanks to my friend Jenni from Styling Curvy who shared the love and my post on her facebook page bringing lots of new and lovely faces over to my little corner of the internet. (Thanks again Jen!)

The purpose of writing that post was simple, to help others. When we talk about these types of things and share our knowledge the fear starts to slowly diminish and we can hopefully move forward with these experiences making them just that little bit easier.

When we open up the conversation the fear of the unknown no longer has any power over us and we’re a lot stronger for it.


What to expect when having an MRI and how to avoid freaking out

If you’re a regular around these parts you will know that I am a card carrying member of the MS club (Multiple Sclerosis), I call it a club but to be honest its not all that popular and people kinda resist joining. 

Simply put, I have MS… but im assuming you have picked up on that by now.

You will also know that so far I have had a pretty cruzy run with it. (touch wood, cross fingers, cross toes, wish upon all the stars)

In fact most days I don’t even think about it, I take a tablet at 8pm each night and go on about my days relatively unaffected. Truthfully some days I start to question if I even have it, that’s why when people ask me how I am going I honestly shrug it off, I don’t feel like I have a right to complain or get upset because of the easy run I have. So many other fellow MS club members have it much worse than I do, I feel its almost insulting if I were to sit here and feel sorry for myself.

It may not always be this cruzy but so far so good… I am more than aware of the possibilities but I have decided that these symptoms/ relapses sound a little bit shit so im not having any. Simple.

That’s the way the world works right?

Thought so.


The MS Diaries | The Diet Plan?

As soon as I was diagnosed with MS I consulted Dr Google.

Everyone knows it’s a bad idea but sometimes you can’t help it, it’s right there at your fingertips ready and waiting.

I did (and still do) have the common sense to click away if I see something too confronting, I am not naïve to the possibilities of this illness but I see no point in worrying about something that realistically I cannot change. In this case, I choose the ignorance is bliss tactic. I may not always feel this way but for now, it’s how I choose to cope.

It was during my Dr Google diagnosis that I stumbled on different research that explores how much diet can affect and influence your MS progression.


My MS story

Being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is a weird experience to have to go through, its serious yet not urgent, you have it for life yet not all time, it’s something that just sits there in the back of your mind, until it doesn’t.

Almost a year ago now, I lost the vision in my left eye, after a few days of it getting considerably worse, I found myself in the Hospital Emergency Department. I thought I would be given some antibiotics and maybe some eye drops and be sent on my merry way, instead an ophthalmologist was being called in from home on a Sunday night to treat me. Instead I was put through test after test, question after question and finally sent for an MRI.