A few years ago I kind of lost my way, like so many other lost before me I went searching for something. Something I could find and in turn, also could find me.

I am naturally quite solution orientated, if somethings wrong? lets fix it. If you don’t like your life? change it. Everyone’s got something to be sad about if you search hard enough, just like the reverse is true, each of us also have something that brings us joy.

Through most situations in my life I try to look for the good, I try to look for the positive, I try to find the light when its pitch fucking black. Darkness does not exist without the light, this I know for sure.

During this particular time I found myself at a loss, I wasn’t sure how to ‘fix’ the situation or even what the situation actually was that needed to be fixed. I couldn’t find my light. I knew it was ‘there’ but something didn’t feel right. I felt off and as a result my life felt off.

This is a control/solution focused freaks nightmare, all you want to do it fix and change but you have no idea where to start.

I realised that perhaps that was the problem, I just needed to start. Anything.

I decided that the only way to move forward was to start, anything, something, everything. If I didn’t know where the problem was it didn’t really matter where the solution came from now did it?

I became quite the little joiner, I joined groups, classes, said yes to invitations that I would normally be too busy ‘washing my hair’ for.

I began with joining a Buddhist teachings class, then a meditation class, then a yoga class, then a psychic development class…. As you can see after a certain theme started to develop.

I wasn’t particularly spiritual up until this point. I believed in God but that was about the extent of it, I didn’t belong to a particular religion as such. I still don’t. Not that Angel or Tarot is about God, he doesn’t really feature here. You can have readings no matter what your religious beliefs are, its all inclusive.

Spirituality is not the same as religion, it is different, it is excepting in all strengths and personal beliefs. Regardless, this stuff was so far away from my usual way of thinking it even surprised me. Sometimes we find help in unusual places. 

The words ‘self help’ and ‘motivation’ get thrown around quite freely these days but I suppose when I think back, that’s exactly what I was doing. Trying to self help.

It was around this time that I discovered the Adelaide Healing Energy Centre in Prospect SA, you can read all about my last healing here.

During one of my psychic development classes I was introduced to Tarot and Angel cards. I was taught how to do readings and how to interpret the cards for the individual.

I won’t say Tarot and Angel cards were my answer but they certainly helped guide me and helped me set my intentions, even if it was just for that particular day. Like I said, I was searching for something.

I know a lot of people hear the words Tarot and run for the hills and that’s ok. Personally I don’t see the problem, this is an art form that has been around for centuries, there is no evil affiliation or work of the devil. (to answer a few concerns I’ve had)

I love Tarot cards but Angel cards can be a little softer to take for a beginner. They are certainly easier to learn to read and a much quicker process if like me you do readings regularly.

It certainly not something I do for money, I really only do them on a handful of friends, mostly I do them for myself. Lately each night I will do a simple 1 card reading for any messages I need to receive that perhaps I am subconsciously ignoring. You would be surprised how accurate these are.

I am by no means an expert, and I would certainly not try to push this type of thing on anyone, but if any of my friends has ever shown an interest I am always willing to give it a go.

I am pretty basic, I start with surrounding myself with quiet, imagining a white orbe of light around me and continue to set my intention. I then ask the angels for their assistance, shuffle the deck, ask a question and draw a card.

See? Basic but I find it helps, I usually do it right before bed when the house is silent.

The other night when doing my nightly reading, I drew 3 cards. Usually I just stick to the 1 but 2 jumped out of the deck as I was shuffling so of course I took this as a sign.

The cards I got this particular evening were


I actually feel like these cards are pretty perfect for me right now, it’s nothing life changing but simply a guide. It’s a practise that I have grown quite fond of and really enjoy doing.

Funnily enough I got the ‘Leila’ card right as I was deciding if I should go camping up the river with some friends this long weekend, seeing as this card told me to spend time amongst nature, again I took it as a sign. The time away will do me good, I had to shuffle around a few obligations I had booked in with my study (I study counselling in case you didn’t know) and doctors appointments but to me it was pretty clear, literally written in print that I needed to go and have a break.

There is a more detailed description in the guide book which I won’t go into but it gives you a greater understanding of the cards and their meaning. It is quite ok to use the guide book for reference, I used to think I had to memorise each card and its meaning but that’s not the case, that comes with time and fine tuning your intuition. Until then, Ill just use the damn book, that’s what its there for.

These days I have quite the collection of Tarot and Angel cards but I personally like the ones designed by Doreen Virtue.
if you are even remotely into this kind of thing you would know of her and her readings she does on her You tube channel every Monday.


A great tip I picked up in my class is to look at not only the words but what is the picture telling you, what do you notice?

Another handy tip is to write the page number from the guide book on each card, this way you can go straight to it instead of searching each time.

I found Tarot and Angel cards to be extremely helpful to me and my journey.

Side note, I quite dislike the word ‘journey’ I don’t know why exactly, I think its because its used so frequently in improper ways, I can’t think of anything better suited so journey it is.

If you are interested in doing readings you can buy these cards from any bookshop, alternatively if you would like a professional reading or to enrol in the psychic development course I recommend the Adelaide Healing Energy Centre or The Soulologist.

Both places were recommended to me prior to my visits, I always research a place like this before going as I am cautious of people taking advantage. If you are going to hand over money for a reading I recommend you do the same.

As always, take it in your stride and have fun with it.


What about you, have you ever had your tarot or angel cards read?



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