Confession time, for the past 6 months I have been a shellac addict. I love it, I love everything about it. I love how it lasts for up to 2 weeks and still looks shiny and new without chipping or losing its charm. It means I can go and get them done and then not have to think about it again for another fortnight, lazy girl win!

The downside of this is that it also has the nasty side effect of ruining your nails, or at least mine anyway. Lazy girl loose…

I have very thin nails as it is, add all the filing and soaking in acetone that comes with shellac, means my nails currently hate life.

I must admit, I also made the mistake of going to a few cheap and easy nail places, you know the ones that you don’t need an appointment and can just rock up whenever you like. They used the nail drill and as a result my nails are currently paper thing and in shreds.

It’s time for Operation Healthy Nail Tale. I need to give my nails a break from the evil drill massacre and try to get them back to their former healthy self, hopefully even healthier!

I put the question to my Instagram followers earlier this week and was told to try 2 products, Revitanail and Herome Nail Hardener. Being the good obedient girl I am (stop laughing) I did what I was told and high tailed it to Priceline to purchase said products.

Fate made the Revitanail decision for me as it was the only option in stock.

Commence Operation Healthy Nail Tales.

I immediately came home and as instructed put 2 coats on my sad looking nail beds and will reapply another coat every day for 5 days, then take it off and repeat for about 3 weeks.
I can’t handle looking down at my bare nails so after my first 2 coats I painted them with normal nail polish, I plan on just putting the Revitanail over the top of the polish. Hopefully this doesn’t hinder the process.

I’m a creature of habit when it comes to beauty regimes, for example every Friday night, without fail I will be in my bathroom applying lashings of fake tan so I’m all set for the weekend. 

Now, I’m going to add nail care to the mix, I may as well seeing as leaving the house while fake tan sets is pretty much not going to happen.

On the bright side this means I can go out and buy some beautiful new nail polish colours to keep the shellac cravings at bay.
I will need some inspiration though, so every Friday I will be uploading a photo of my freshly painted nails to my Instagram with the hashtag #twistofcaitnailtales and to the Twist of Cait Facebook page.

 PicMonkey Collage

Feel free to join in too! Just upload your painted nail photo to Instagram, be as arty or creative as you like, just be sure to hashtag #twistofcaitnailtales and tag @twistofcait so I can find you.

I will keep you posted on how operation healthy nail tales goes and if I can stay away from my old shellac ways.

 Together we will get through this, stay strong Twisters and may the nail gods have mercy on us all.


 Do you have any tips or tricks to keeping your nails happy and healthy?


Jewellery | Colette, Similar
Nail Polish | Essie ‘Resort Fling’


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  • Hannah Roscio

    I’ve never had the glorified option of shellac – as you know I am allergic to the polish, but many of my friends use it and all have the same problem. The best thing to keep your nails healthy is to regularly manicure them and don’t over file! Massaging oils on the cuticles do wonders also 🙂 Your nails will repair themselves in no time. Happy painting!

    • Ooooo Good idea! I am definitely going to add some cuticle oil to my regime. Thanks Hannah!