Howdy folks, todays wearing posts is a little different on account of me not actually wearing any of these items (soon my pretties very soon) At the start of each season I generally go through my clothes and double check that im prepared for the weather and other such elements that are about to spring upon us.

I then go through and write a list that I chip away at during the season.
Now if I had the bank balance of Kesha, I could just go buy this stuff now, but no I have to budget and space it out so my credit cards don’t beep angrily at me.

Well folks Autumn is upon us, albeit we’re only a few days in but I for one am counting down the days until I can dust off my tights and long sleeves and layer up.

Autumn is my favourite season, the sun still shines just without the bite of her steamy sister Ms Summer.

The other day I noticed my thoughts trailing off and preselecting outfits for occasions not even planned yet and in particular the colour palettes I am being drawn to. (I know what you’re thinking and yes, this is how I spend my free time)

I decided to make a mood board of sorts, of all the things I am liking and loving, including items on my ever growing wish list. Alas I cannot buy all of them as these days shops require money for their goods and services, why I will never understand.

I’m setting aside a time soon to go through my wardrobe and take stock of what I have and what gaps need filling first.

My Autumn fashion mood board is a mixture of rich colours juxtaposed with classic neutrals that I can hopefully wear year round. Most of the year anyway.

I’m longing for the days of thick scarves layered over a simple jeans and a nice tee. Tunics in all colours paired with leggings and buttery leather boots.

Felt hats and gloves may or may not be involved.

My search for the perfect jeans still continues, I have a few on my wish list that I suspect will be bees knees but as I am yet to try them for myself the search continues.

The colours I am being drawn to are rich mustard, deep burgundy, teal blue, khaki green, chambray and of course indigo denim. Pair these back with crisp white, midnight black, classic navy or creamy tan and I’m one happy Autumn camper.

PicMonkey Collage

1. Bohemian Traders Sebastian Shirt
2. The Iconic Jetset Diaries Blouse
3. Katies Chambray Shirt Dress
4.  Rockmans Skinny Jeans
5. Bohemian Traders ‘Pia’ Swing top
6. Rockmans Gypsy top
7. Bohemian Traders Prairie Lace Dress in Navy
8. Amos & Here by Asos White Oversized Shirt
9. Wittner ‘Gabrie’ Ankle Boots
10.Forever New Snood

The 70’s trend is also still coming through quite strongly, as it did all summer, aside from the flared jeans I am 100% on board.
Skinny leg jeans are the only jeans ill even consider wearing. I’m fussy too, they need to be mid/high waisted with the leg tapered right in at the ankle just like a legging would do.

I suppose the obvious alternative is the jegging, which I do love and have plenty of but the problem with jeggings is finding tops long enough to cover your business, if you get my drift.

So there you have it, my Autumn mood board, watch this space cause my leather gloves are itching to take a stroll through the park.

What about you, what’s your favourite season?
Are you ready for Autumn?
What’s on your wardrobe wish list for Autumn?