I don’t know about the weather where you live but here in Adelaide Autumn has well and truly started, I for one couldn’t be happier. I love the fashion around this time of year, the colours, the layers, the ankle boots….

What I don’t like is what the colder dry air in Autumn/ Winter does to my skin. The air dehydrates it making it dry, rough and scaly…. Ewww. Now add a heater to the mix and my skin is really hating life.

Im pretty good at the body moisturiser upkeep, I have naturally very dry skin as it is and as an avid fake tanner it’s pretty much a necessity to do it daily.

I do it so often my skin now feels like stretched rubber if I skip a day, it just loves to be lathered up and soak in the moisturizing goodness.

It takes a bit of trial and error to find a body moisturiser that hydrates, nourishes and protects. I want all these things but I don’t want to be all sticky and slimy for hours until it soaks in, surely that’s not to much to ask?

I do love a nice beauty product, I pretty much lather every inch of myself in something, In fact there’s not a single body part that escapes my product obsession.

Im always on the look out for new and interesting products. So I thought we could help each other out here today ladies, I’ll share with you some products that I am loving right now and you tell me yours!


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Redwin Perfect Naturals Coconut Body Oil – $12.99
I love this oil, its not something I use daily, probably once or twice a week the day before I tan for some deep moisture action. I love how it hydrates my skin and the coconutty smell. Its also 100% certified organic which is always a plus in my books. Being an oil, it is the one on the list that takes the longest to soak in but I find the texture more silky than anything, I just let it soak in for a few minutes and then get dressed like normal. The pump bottle can be a little hard to use so I just take off the top and pour in into my hands.


Garnier Ultimate Beauty Oil – $11.99
Now don’t let the words beauty oil fool you, this baby soaks in straight away. The only problem I have is in the spritz top, my hands get all slippery and it can be hard to control and get the product out. However, its a darn good moisturiser and its worth the hassle. It smells like rainbows and new born babies. (ok not really but you get where im going with this)


Vaseline Intensive Care Spray – $6.99 (On special)
If you are low on time then this is the one for you. It sprays on quickly, absorbs in seconds and does the job right. The only issue I have with this is that being a spray the bottle doesn’t last long, or maybe that’s just because I use so much? Who knows…..I mainly use this one after a shower on freezing cold nights when the last thing I want to is be standing there naked waiting for my lotion to soak in, just spray and go. Its also good for those times you decide to wear a dress at the last minute and your legs need a bit of sexual sheen.


Frank Body Balm – $24.95
Lets be frank, this stuff smells like sunshine and feel like it too. It glides on and soaks in pretty quickly too, it nourishes your skin long after application and is the bomb.com.
Use it with the frank body scrub and you are in pleasure town my friend, you’ll be high fiving everyone you meet and forcing them to touch your legs to prove just how smooth they are.
Ok that kinda makes me sound like a creep but I know im not alone here…. If its smooth, im gonna make you feel it.


Weleda Skin Food* – $21.95
Now skin food can be used anywhere on your body/face but isn’t something you would probably use as a whole body moisturiser, although you could if you like. Its fantastic for those rough and dry problem areas. I use it on my arms, hands, heels, and chest when I need a bit of extra help. Its 100% natural and still has the same basic ingredients in it since 1926 when it debuted… That’s how you know your onto a winner right there. Its permanent home is sitting on my bedside table so I can use it before I play on my phone for 2 hours go to sleep.


The best part is that all these products come in under $25, in fact most of them sit around the $12 mark. Im not going to spend an absolute fortune considering the gallons and gallons I go through on a regular basis. I find these products do the job and are still easy on the ‘Ol bank balance…. Winning! Am I right ladies? Am I right?


What about you, does your skin go a little crazy round this time of year? What products so you use to keep things in check?


*Gifted for my editorial consideration

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