My Jessa

When I was 15 I got a puppy.

Puppy is not even the right world, she was more like a person.

Her name was Jessa and she was my best friend.

I’d been searching for the right dog for a while, as soon as I saw her I instantly knew that she was the dog for me, she was my dog and I was her human.


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When I was growing up I spent every Wednesday night at my grandparents house.

We all lived in the Adelaide hills, funnily enough we actually had 3 family homes on that same hill, and would walk to and from each others house as we please.

Most Wednesday nights some of my cousins would come too, we would frolic and laugh until the sun went down, at which point my Nanny would force us to come inside and get ready for bed.


5 casual Christmas Day Outfits

Oh em gee, its 11 days until Christmas and I for one can’t wait, my Christmas holidays also start Thursday at 5pm sharp so that’s certainly helping!

I love Christmas, even at 29, the whole day still makes me giddy with excitement. The type of excitement has of course changed, as a little girl it was the magic of Santa, presents, food and family. Now as a fully fledged adult….. its still the magic of Santa, presents, food and family. Ok so maybe it hasn’t changed at all….


Get your tan on | Bondi Sands

A few years back, Santa gave me the best present I could have ever asked for.

A professional spray tanning machine.

Like the ones they have in the salons, professional.

Naturally I am lily white, actually I think clear is a more accurate description, but I prefer to be tanned. There is no way my skin is going to do this naturally so I have no choice but to fake it. There’s also the whole skin cancer thing too…


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Woah, what a weekend, jam packed and full of fun. It’s definitely December that’s for sure!

Actually truth be told, this is the first time my December has been fully booked for a long time.
You know how everyone always raves about how full on and busy they are at this time of year? Well for me the past few years in the lead up to Christmas I’ve had many a weekend to spare! I think Santa must have taken pity on me because 2015 has showed me what all the fuss is about.


My night with Oprah

Last Friday night I crossed something off of my bucket list. I was in the presence of the one and only Ms Oprah Winfrey at her live show in Adelaide.

I find her magnetic, her energy and outlook on life is something I aspire to. I’m quite a spiritual gal by nature so the things she says and stand for resonate with me on all levels.

In case I haven’t made it very clear, I love Oprah. (There may or may not have been tears)


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A few years ago, Oprah came to Australia, to get tickets you had to be chosen from a raffle type situation. I missed out and was devastated. I’m not ashamed to admit that I pretty much do whatever Oprah tells me to, I love her. I truly believe that if given the chance to meet, we would be the best of friends (Suck it Gayle).

Earlier this year, I heard that Oprah was doing another tour of Australia and there was no way in hell I was going to miss out again! I wasn’t taking any chances, I instilled the help of a friend who has ticketing connections and made sure I got my sacred place!


10 tips for Hosting Christmas Lunch

One of the things I like the most about the magic of Christmas is how different it looks in every family. Everyone has their own traditions, religious or otherwise and year in, year out we carry on these traditions, just to make our family and friends happy.

I have quite a large family. My mum is one of five children who combined have bought 15 children into this world, most of us are older and have partners and children of their own. If every single person showed up on the day there would be 58 of us….. fifty eight……

We use to do this every alternate year on Christmas day and each family would take it in turns to host. As you can imagine it’s an all hands on deck kind of occasion, cooking a traditional sit down meal for a crowd of that size takes a lot of preparation and planning.