There was a time when I could not give a shit what was happening south of my ankles…. Ok that’s not entirely true, I cared about how my shoes looked but as for quality? Meh…

I was a cheap & nasty chain store shoe junkie and damn proud of it, $14 for a pair of ankle boots? That’s crazy talk I’ll take 1 in each colour and call myself Carrie Bradshaw.


I’m not saying I’ve completely changed my budget Carrie ways, cheapies still have their place in my shoedrobe but I have since realised that at times, although they only cost me $14 they also only lasted 2 months, a painful 2 months.

Sometimes I would strike it lucky and find chain store gold but more often than not, I found myself with a one way ticket to blister town.

Flashback to 18 year old Caitlin out on the town, I was the classy lassy walking/ hobbling at 2am down Hindley street on a Sunday morning, masochistic shoes in hand, probably just leaving McDonalds and on my way to the cab cue, doesn’t get much hotter than that….

Of course I had heard of this quality means comfort hoopla but was yet to experience it for myself.

Funnily enough I stumbled into comfy shoes by accident, with my tax refund burning a hole in my virtual purse (aka debit card) I set off to the cheapy chain store to stock up on yet more $14 bargains when I passed a fancy shoe store.

“I’ll just have a look” I told myself.

I went in, tried on some real buttery leather ankle boot goodness and was hooked. I think I actually wore them out of the store. Let me tell you there was some serious strutting happening that day ladies, serious strutting!

I had had a taste of the good stuff and needed more, I decided right then and there that my new shoe mantra would be quality over quantity.

These days my shoe collection is small but I have most of my basics covered that I know can last the distance and still look like I’m the 5th SATC girl talking trash and casually drinking ma cosmos. *dreaming

Between work, play and being a slave to my Fitbit I’ve narrowed my shoe staples down to the following, these babies will see me through all seasons, and occasions. To start I’m keeping it in the black/tan colour range so it will go with most of my clothes.

To put my best foot forward I need:

  • Flat & Heeled ankle boots in tan or black
  • Flat & heeled knee high boots in tan or black- optional
  • Casual sneakers
  • Gym/ exercise trainers
  • Summer sandals in tan or black
  • Wedges in tan or black
  • Fancy heels in tan or black

 Shoe Collage

Top Right: Betts ‘Slayer’ Knee High boots | Wittner ‘Durango’ Ankle Boots | Novo ‘Leonie’ Heels
Middle: Spendless ‘Miami’ Sandals
Bottom Right: Converse ‘Chuck Taylor’  | Frankie 4 ‘Belinda’ Wedges

I personally own and can vouch for the Wittner ankle boots, the Converse and the Wedges, all 3 are divine and can last the day no problems.

In a perfect world where I have the bank balance of Oprah I would have each style in both colours and them some, until that day I’ll just keep chipping away at my list and add to it when I can.

You don’t have to spend a fortune either, I shop smart and come sale time and end of season, I spring into action and add to my collection, I’ve also been known to use my Birthday/ Christmas present opportunities to fill the gaps.

My collection is a work in progress but my feet are definitely much happier now that 18 year old Caitlin is no longer calling the shots.

What about you? Are you a quality over quantity gal?


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