Over the long weekend I went camping along the side of the Murray River in Blanchtown SA.

My friend Naomi goes with her family and invited me along, for a few days I tried to think of a decent excuse not to go but in the end couldn’t come up with a single one.

My hesitation was put down to two simple facts….. No electricity and no showers. For 5 days.

I’m someone who usually showers twice a day and enjoys light switches on a regular basis, you see my dilemma.

I decided to stop being a princess, pack some baby wipes and go along for the ride, surprisingly I already own a tent and an air mattress so it didn’t take a whole lot of planning, just a simple pack and go.

If only I had remembered the tent cover, luckily for me one of the girls who we shall call Zeina (as that is her name and I can’t possibly think of a nick name for her, hehe) had a spare tarp which I tied over the top Bear Grylls style.

Mother Nature was also on my side so I didn’t really have to endure any wet weather elements.

After I made that tent my bitch, it was time to start the activities. Some folk chose to frolic on boats and show off their water skills (special mention goes to Hannah who showed us all the correct way to Knee Board) while others (me) choose to sit on the river bank and drink wine.

Until the end of the day when we would all gather by the camp fire and continue to drink wine.

It was bliss. I’m so glad I sucked it up and went, I laughed so much my cheeks hurt…. That’s just one of the great qualities these ladies possess.

That’s pretty much what I did for 5 days, sure I was peer pressured into trying out the tube but I found once was enough to see me through the rest of the trip.

I think it was apparent to everyone that after going camping once in 10 years I’m pretty much an expert.

I think I speak for everyone there when I say I looked glamorous as fuck and not at all uncoordinated the entire time.

I’m a sharing kinda gal as you know so I’ve put together a list of essentials in case you ever find yourself showerless + electricity-less but still like to give off a glamor vibe.

My top tips on how to be glamorous at the river

  • Baby Wipes and Morning Fresh Detergent You now shower in the river with morning fresh detergent followed by a baby wipes wipe down before bed. I even saw some girls shave their legs in the river, it was extremely glamorous.
  • Car Phone Charger- The kind that goes into the cigarette lighter. You’ll want that baby ready and charged so the suckers at home are jealous of your Instagram photos.
  • Wine- Pack what you think you’ll need…. now add 2 more bottles. Trust me.
  • Sunscreen- Sun burnt people don’t look glamorous.
  • Aeroguard- Again, mosquito bites don’t look glamorous.
  • Aloe Vera gel- In case you get too day drunk distracted and suck at your sunscreen application.
  • Loose Flowy Dresses- This is literally all you need to wear, throw on over your bathers and you’re glamorous as fuck.
  • A Hat- Of the floppy straw or fedora variety.
  • A Deck Chair- This will go nicely with your wine.
  • Havaianas – This will give your glamour a more casual feel. The kind that instantly tells others that you’re super laid back and totally cool with what evs.
  • Leave in Conditioner- After your hair is wet from the river, spray some in and it’s almost like a real shower…. I swear. No need for a brush, again- you’ll appear more laid back. Wild birds nest curls scream glamour.

See! With solid tips like that you can’t possibly go wrong!

If I had remembered to take a photo I could have proved my glamour to you all but alas, I forgot. So I’ll leave you with a scenery shot of the view I had from my wine drinking chair.

FullSizeRender (9)

What about you, what are your tips to stay glamorous while roughing in in the elements?



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