Lately I have had to do a bit of a re-evaluation in regards to money. Or more to the point, what I do with it.

You see when you want to buy a house certain things need to be sacrificed; buying excessive clothes and makeup like I have the bank balance of Oprah is one of those sacrifices.

Yes, gone are the days when I can freely throw money away with reckless abandon… Ok I’m still firmly invited to the reckless spending family reunion but I’m definitely much better than I used to be….

This definitely wasn’t easy, not for a gal who likes to keep up with the Jones’ and has a pretty strict Treat her self-policy.

So instead of buying new clothes whenever I wanted to change up my wardrobe I had to look within and shop what I already got!

That’s right, I had to look at my existing clothes and think of new and exciting ways to wear them. (The experts would call this styling)

I set myself a mini challenge: It’s ok the wear the same thing over and over again but always wear it in a slightly different way. I’m going to take 1 item of clothing and turn it into 10.

Sure it’s way easier to just reach for the same outfit combination over and over again and on those days where you are running late those back up options are a god send! But with a little bit of preparation and planning it is totally doable.

From this an idea formed (with a little help from my style advice circle), I would turn this self-challenge into a blog challenge!

After all, perhaps some of you lovely ladies are in the same boat? Perhaps you guys are wanting to change up your current look but don’t necessarily want to have to fork out for a whole new wardrobe.

Who wouldn’t want that right?

So here it is – Each month I will be showcasing a new item of clothing and then wearing it over the course of the month 10 that’s right TEN different ways.

A shoes change here, an accessory there… and voila! You have reinvented your current wardrobe to look like a brand spanking new one!

I’m calling it the Twist of Cait ‘Turn it into 10’ style challenge and will be featuring my 10 different outfits over the course of the month on Instagram and Facebook with the hashtag #Turnitinto10

The item I have chosen for the month of June is the Leather Jacket… or in my case the Pleather Jacket.

The pleather jacket is the perfect winter wardrobe staple in my eyes and the best part is that there is a style to suit everyone!

At the end of the month I will have a wardrobe round up and show you all the ways I took one item and turned it into 10.

Oh and if it’s your thing I would love you to play along too – It’s super easy! Just upload your style picture to Facebook or Instagram, tag me (Twist of Cait) and be sure to use the hashtag #Turnitinto10 to show me how you’re wearing your loved pieces in different ways!

In case you’re in the market for a new leather or pleather jacket here’s some that I am loving lately and can be snapped up with the click of a button!


From Left to Right
Target Waterfall Jacket
Asos Biker Jacket
Katies Ponte & Pleather Jacket
Piper Pleather Jacket
Country Road Real Leather Jacket (For the big spenders!)

Here is the jacket of the hour, the one that I am going to be wearing! It is an oldie from last winter that I purchased at Target and sadly no longer available but there are plenty of similar style around the places!

Wish me luck and I’ll see you on the interwebs where I magically turn this one item into 10!


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  • I am right with you, and as I constantly reach for my pleather jacket I am looking forward to some inspo. No pressure.

  • happychappy

    I havent found one that fits perfectly just yet. i’ll keep looking. i’ve been doing a lot of the re wear lately

  • I’m so going to play along!!!! xx

  • Jenni from Styling Curvy

    It’s time to give my pleather jacket some love, not sure if I will make it to ten but I’m going to join you x