Probably my most asked question here on the blog (and in real life for that matter) is related to beauty advice and product knowledge. Now I’m certainly no expert and I have absolutely zero qualifications to back up these claims but i have a self appointed PHD in the do’s and don’ts when it comes to the beauty upkeep of myself and like minded women. And by ‘like minded’, I mean anyone who is interested….

As we age, grow and evolve so do our beauty tastes and requirements, Methods that would get us by just fine in our 20’s are suddenly not cutting the mustard or simply no longer suit us or our style personalities (Hot pink hair version of Caitlin I am looking at you).

Through blogs, conversations with friends and You Tube we are now privvy to a wealth of information that we otherwise may have not known… I love hearing a new beauty secret or piece of advice and today we are discussing just that!

The thing about beauty products and treatments is that we each require something a little bit different, things that work wonders for me might not be your bag… but then again sometimes they might be…

The following is a list of beauty musings that are very much tailored to me or women with similar style and taste. (Although some items on the list definitely apply to ALL of us)

Hydration is key, drink at least 2-3 litres of water daily and your skin will love you for it.

It’s all about the base so take care of your skin and at the very least cleanse and moisturize your face and chest every morning and night. It doesn’t have to cost the earth either the Sukin range is dirt cheap and works a charm.

NEVER sleep in your make up…. No Excuses. (Keep face wipes next to your bed for when you are super tired and can’t be bothered moving).

Hyaluronic Acid is a dull/ dry skin saviour. (I use this brand here)
Thanks to a recommendation from Almost Posh

Be realistic about your beauty budget and invest the lions share into longer lasting treatments such as lash tinting, brow maintenance, regular haircuts, facials etc… by doing these things you will save buckets of time in the morning and make you feel effortlessly ‘put together’ even when you are really actually not.

Chipped nail polish is never ok, either be meticulous with your manicures or just don’t wear anything, either option is perfectly fine…. just no chips!

Faux nails are a great alternative, I myself get SNS but prefer them to be super short, round and in a neutral colour for a more natural/ effortless look.

Always Shampoo your hair twice and Condition once, leaving it in for a few minutes to soak up that moisture. Wash rinse repeat, always repeat.

Cosmetic procedures are a perfectly ok choice to make, (Your body, your choice) my only advice is to hold off as long as you can. Botox in your 20’s/ early 30’s? Probably not all that necessary.

Your hair is here to play around and have fun with, so go nuts…. in saying that generally speaking the most flattering shade on anyone is as close to your natural hair colour as possible, just as nature made you. I always colour my hair but I try to stick to a few shades either side of my natural locks.

If you DO dramatically change your hair colour remember that your make up and clothes will probably need a revamp too.

Get enough sleep, work out how much that means for you and try your best to make it a priority.

Concealer is the work of the gods.

Dry shampoo is a life saver. (Even on freshly washed hair to add volume and texture)

The best products are not always the most expensive, research and test products and buy what’s right for YOU. For example I will spend good money on foundation, blush on the other hand… Meh.

A little bit of Olive oil run through your fingers is a perfectly fine substitute for hair oil should you run out. (Suggestion from my Mumma)

Ditch the dark eyeliner on your bottom lashes/ bottom waterline but DO put Mascara on them.

A cream coloured eyeliner on your bottom lash water line on the other hand will brighten and take away any redness from tired eyes.

Don’t waste your time stressing trying to learn 100’s of make-up looks, nail these 2 and you’ll be set for all occasions –  A a day time casual look and an amped up night time glam look. If you love to experiment that’s great! But applying make up should be fun, don’t over complicate it if you don’t want to.

Same goes with hair styles, I know how to do 4 basic things with my hair and it sees me through absolutely any occasion… Down curly, down straight, a top knot and the old faithful pony tail. (Otherwise known and my hair needs washing)

Coloured eye shadow is rarely a good idea… Unless of course it makes you smile, then go for it.

Bright lipstick on the other hand is always good idea.

Moisturize your whole body daily, do it straight after you shower and make it part of your routine. It doesn’t matter if it’s old fashioned sorbolene, just get something on and feel that hydration work its magic.

An eye lash curler is a game changer.

Sleep on a silk pillowcase to tame your hair and protect your skin.

Take care of your lips and smother them in a quality balm as much as possible (Remembering that Quality does not always mean expensive).

Find a scent you love and make it your signature fragrance, spritz it behind your ears, on each wrist and in your wardrobe.

Alternatively at night time and just before bed put on a dab of your favorite essential oil.. you and your sheets will smell divine.

Bed time is also my favorite time to break out the hand cream – lotion from your fingertips to your elbows and enjoy it as part of your night time ritual.

What you eat on your plate retains in your skins memory so as much as possible stay away from the bad stuff and savior those fresh fruits and vegetables. 

And to finish off, always wear sunscreen. On your face, your body, even in winter. The Australian sun is awesome but it’s also the silent assassin… slip, slop, slap ladies…

Oh and don’t take yourself, the ‘rules’  or other peoples opinions (including mine) too seriously, this stuff is meant to be fun!

What about you, do you have anything to add to the list? I’d love you to share your pearls of wisdom with us!


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