Spring is just around the corner and with it comes wedding and event season… pretty soon our social calendars are going to be filled with parties and events that all require us to do some form of body/ beauty maintenance.

Beauty prep looks different for each of us, some are more low key while others like me go all out; both are totally fine! It’s up to the individual just how far they want to go.

I love this stuff so I go for the works… Most I do myself and some I call in the big guns. To some my routine may seem like a bit of an over kill while to others it’s just touching the surface.

Finding your event prep mojo and getting ready for said event can be a daunting task, there’s the hair, the make-up, the beauty prep… don’t even get me started on deciding what to wear.

In my 30 years of wisdom I like to think I have got it down to a fine art, I’m always learning and open to new ideas but I know what I like hair and make-up wise and fortunately enough for me I can do both those things myself to an acceptable level.

That’s why when I realized I had left it too late to book into get my make-up done at Mac for my birthday this weekend, I really wasn’t to fussed. Usually I do book in because the $90 cost is redeemable back in products… as I use these products in my regular rotation anyway it’s like I’m getting my make-up done for free.

I also like to pick the brains of the make-up artist to see any new tricks or products I may not be up to speed with…. I must admit I am pretty bossy when it comes to my makeup application so the poor love doing my face usually gets strict instructions followed by a close mirror inspection so they are probably loving the fact I left it too late to get in….I actually feel quite sorry for them…. sort of. (Sarah at Mac in the Adelaide Myer centre is my all time fav, she is the actual best)

Still, sometimes a spare $90 isn’t that easy to come by or in my case, you just can’t get an appointment… it’s in times like this we need to resort to the ol home job. In saying that, I truly believe that with practice everyone can do their own event make up. By practicing on yourself, watching you tube tutorials and beauty bloggers/ vloggers it’s never been easier to master the art of make-up.

In fact, to watch me in action tune into my face book page at 5pm today to see me do my special occasion make up… I don’t know how to edit videos just yet so face book live is a life saver!

As for my other beauty prep, I’m pretty much a DIY-er with that too. The only things I outsource are things I simply cannot do, like waxing and eyebrow threading. I’ve tried, but I just can’t so I turn to the pro’s.


My beauty prep time line leading up to an event look something like this…

Roughly 2-3 weeks before
Schedule all appointments needed, I get my waxing and threading done regularly as it is so I just stretch out my appointments to make them closer to my event. I also like to fake tan (I do this myself) so I make sure I am moisturising my whole body every day and exfoliating regularly so my skin is primed and ready. I start to think about my outfit and how I am going to style it. I make sure I have everything I need (bag, shoes, jewellery) and if not will start the search to buy or better yet borrow from a friend.

1 week before
I usually get my waxing and threading done the week before so my skin has calmed down and won’t be irritated by the fake tan coming its way. Again, continue moisturising like a mad woman.

The night before
Its go time…. Do not ask me to be social the night before an event, unless you are going to come over to my house and help me prep? It’s not going to happen…. I tint my naturally transparent eyebrows and eyelashes (I do this myself too), any manicure/ pedicures, and apply my fake tan. Some people like to do fake tan 2 days out but I find the night before gives me the best colour.

On the day
My hair works best if it is washed on the day of an event, most people need day old hair, find what works for you and go for it. I only really wear my hair in 2 ways, down curly, down straight.  I wear a reasonable amount of make up so I find a really fancy updo makes me feel a little uncomfortable and over dressed… I dunno why its a weird thing I have. If im feeling really wacky Ill pin some to the side but that’s about as far as it goes.

I can do my own basic hair styling but seeing as my mum is a hairdresser and does a better job than me it just makes sense for her to do it… plus its free…. (Thank you Mumma)

I also obviously do my makeup, get dressed, catch an Uber and head off to partay the night away.


Ok that sounds like a lot of work… lucky I’m a low maintenance kid of gal huh hehe. Seriously though it’s really not that bad once you get the hang of it and know what works for you and what doesn’t. Its not always that structured but this gives you a rough guide into my thought processes for big occasion dressing and beauty prep.

In fact getting ready is all part of the fun, so if you’re free around 5pm this afternoon (Saturday 20th August) then come on over to the Twist of Cait face book page and let’s talk make up!

See you there!


Tell me, what’s your beauty prep look like for special occasions? Are you a DIY-er or do you call in the experts?


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