What are Essential Oils?

You’d be hard pressed to find someone who has not come across essential oils in some capacity during their life span…. Hello Tea Tree Oil?!

They have been used by many generations before us for their beautiful aromatic, therapeutic and holistic wellness qualities.
But what exactly are they? Simply put, Essential oils are the volatile aromatic compounds (Which are basically small organic molecules) found in various parts of plants, flowers, fruits, roots & herbs. These volatile aromatic compounds are then extracted during a distillation or cold press process and voila! You have yourself an essential oil.


Why Doterra?

Doterra essential oils are highly concentrated, certified pure therapeutic grade (CPTG) essential oils with absolutely no synthetics or filling agents.

Imagine a beautiful organic orange, happily growing in the South of Brazil, no chemicals or pesticides have been used on the soil, bark or leaves. A local farmer tends to the harvest ensuring the highest quality and standards, he knows his stuff because he has been doing this for many many years.

When the time is right, this beautiful orange is picked, cold pressed/ distilled, the oil is extracted and then put in an amber bottle and finally wrapped in a Doterra label.

That’s it, nothing nasty is ever added to Doterra essential oils, they are just as Mother Nature intended.

Doterra sources its oils from over 40 different countries, more than half could be considered developing countries. Local artisans are called upon for their skills and knowledge. They are paid fairly, ethically and on time for their work and harvest.

This model is called Co Impact Sourcing it really is a beautiful business model that gives back to so many developing communities and is explained in more detail here