Recently I was invited by the team at Browz & Beauty in Westfield Marion shopping centre to come in and try a beauty treatment of my choice. After looking over their extensive ‘menu’ I immediately knew what I wanted to have done… Eyelash extensions!

I’ve always wanted to try out eye lash extensions and this was a perfect opportunity. I made sure that having these falsies would not do any damage to my natural lashes if I decided not to have them refilled after they had fallen out, I was assured no, they are perfectly safe and proceeded to Marion and treated by the lovely Jade, the head beautician at Browz and Beauty.

So what so they actually do?

Well you lay down on a massage bed in a lovely private room with relaxation music playing in the background. The process takes about an hour and individual false lashes are glued to your natural ones.

There is no discomfort or pain at all, just lay down close your eyes and let the beautician do their thang.

I have naturally pale lashes so I made sure I had them tinted beforehand so the black fake lashes wouldn’t look weird against my blonde ones. If you are a pale lash lass I suggest you do the same!

After the application I opened my eyes to a full set of full and lush lashes…. With no mascara! Uh huh These photos are with no eye makeup at all!

In fact they recommend you don’t wear any mascara while the lashes are on as the oil can cause the glue bond to weaken and you will loose life on your new lashes.

The only upkeep I have done is to brush them out with one of those disposable eye brow spindles, I’m not actually sure where you get these, the one I use came in a pack of eye lash and eyebrow colour from Priceline!


Care is also to be taken when you are washing your face, no scrubbing your eyes ladies, gently wipe off any make up and treat your investment with care in order to get maximum benefit from them.

I have had mine on for over a week now and they still look as good as the day I got them, the ladies at Browz and Beauty tell me if I take care of them I can get 3-4 weeks out of them.

Of course this is just like any beauty treatment and times between sessions is up to the individual and how they care for them and how your body etc reacts.

img_6537Before & After


Would I get them again?

Yup, you bet. Especially if I had an occasion or was going on holiday, these babies are such a time saver in the mornings…. I love them!

Investment: (From Browz and Beauty at the time of my appointment.)

Full Set – $129

½ Set – $70

Refills- From $50


img_6273The Finished Product – Extremely happy with how they turned out!

Browz and Beauty also offer a range of beauty treatments from facials, threading, waxing and tinting, it was my first time seeing these lovely ladies and I was very impressed.


***This treatment was given to me at no charge but it was my choice to write about them.