We have a tradition in my friendship circle, at each of our Hen’s days I make the blushing bride a headpiece to wear on the day. It started off as an alternative many years ago to one of those cheap and tacky tiara’s. (Although I must admit, I am quite partial to a bit of tiara action from time to time) It is now a firm tradition and we all refer to them as our Yaya sisterhood headpieces…. love that movie.

Over the years I have made many different styles, some on headbands complete with feathers and flowers, some with diamanté or pearl accents and some with a bit of both.

I am the Maid of Honor in my bestie’s up and coming December wedding and last weekend we threw her hens day. (Top day FYI)

I decided this time, I wanted to make a flower crown, flower crowns are all the rage these days with the cool kids and festival goers but this ex florist has always been a bit partial to them.

I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to would kick off a new series on the blog called ‘How to’ its pretty much where I share my worldly wisdom with y’all and teach you something I may or may not be qualified to actually teach.

In this case I am so we’re all good to go, but who knows what future things I will dazzle you with!

Without further ado… let’s make a flower crown!

Step 1
Choose your colour scheme and buy your supplies. I decided to use artificial flowers as I wouldn’t have time on the day to use fresh, these were bought these from Spotlight and came to about $80, they had a sale when you used your spotlight card so it reduced it to $50. This is where it can get a bit pricey as I actually only really used 1 or 2 flowers from each bunch so the others can be a bit of a waste but in the name of YaYa, we do these things.

You will Need:
Fake or fresh flowers
Greenery / foliage

Floristry wire
Floristry Tape (Parafilm)
Wire cutters


Step 2
Take your floristry wire and make a circle to go around your head, keep wrapping until it is quite thick and strong as it is going to have a bit of weight on it later.


Step 3
Wrap the wire circle in the floristry tape so all of the wire is completely covered. the tape is naturally sticky when you pull on it a little bit so it will stick down all by itself.




Step 4
Now the fun part begins…. Cut your flowers and greenery off the bunch leaving a small stem so it can be attached to the circle wire. Arrange your flowers and foliage around the crown how you would like to have them displayed.


Step 5
Using your floristry tape, wrap the stem of your greenery and flowers to the circle wire. I recommend starting with the greenery as your base and adding the flowers after.


Step 6
Use your floristry wire if you need to secure bits down as I have here. Just be careful to wire it tightly and secure any sharp edges so it doesn’t jab your head when you wear it….  (Picture hasn’t been secured down yet so I could show you what I mean, I didn’t leave it like this!)


Step 7
Voila! you have yourself a beautiful flower headpiece creation!


Step 8
Wear it to your chosen event of party!


Another sneeky tip is to buy a cheapy flower crown from the Lovisa/ Sportsgirls of the world and add in your own extra flowers or greenery…. it all depends on how much love and effort you want to put into it! 

What about you, have you ever made a flower crown, do you have any traditions in your circle?


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