Its Friday! Possibly my most favourite day of the week, mainly because I have it off of work.

It’s my day to write, study, run errands (I love errands!) and do all the things, that way our weekends are for the most part our free time to play and do activities.

Today I thought we would keep things light hearted and go with a classic list post, I do love a list so perhaps we might make them a regular thing around these bloggy parts… Ok? Let’s get started!

Have you ever found yourself in a group conversation and someone rattles off a quote from a classic movie or breaks out into song from a well known musical and you have no effing idea what they are talking about?

I have. I’m not quite sure where I was or what I was doing as a child/teen but everyone else appears to have secretly scuttled home and watched these blockbusters. Somehow I have managed to live 29 sheltered years without knowing who exactly the force was with…

Most of the time you can fake your way through this awkward conversation with bits and pieces you have picked up along the way, here’s my top tips for lying about having seen a movie for no particular reason. The good thing about this lie is that know one will suspect, because seriously who would go to the effort to lie about something like that? Freak…

– An enthusiastic nod will go a long way.

– Repeating a few key words someone else has said and try adding a ‘Yeah!’ intermittently can also be quite effective.
– Claim you have seen the start but always fall asleep before it finishes.

Under no circumstances can you admit your ignorance, unless you want to open yourself up to a life time of ridicule, or a good 20 minutes at least. 

Until now… I thought we could do it together, I’m sure I’m not the only one out there that has lived under a movie-less rock.

Here’s my list of the classics I have never seen and have previously claimed I had.

1.Sound of Music– I know right, I blame my parents…. I have heard enough about it that I can fake my way through an impromptu Sound of Music convo, should one arise. Words like Von Trapp and Female Deer come in very handy.


2. The Matrix- I tried to watch this one but I just kept falling asleep (see how that works hehe) Keanu in a 90’s trench coat, I think I get the gist.

3. Star Wars– Ok so as of 3 weeks ago I have seen the first one but up until then I could have said Star Wars, Mr Twist and I watched it during the holidays and then went and saw the new one at the cinema. Ok Ok 2, I’ve seen 2 Star Wars Movies…. Geez.

4. Gone with the Wind– Couldn’t even tell you what it’s about. Weather I imagine.

5. Thelma and Louise– Again couldn’t tell you what happens. I do know that ladies like to label each other as either a Thelma or a Louise so just start with that…. Why I don’t know.

6. Casablanca- I’ve seen the Simpsons alternative ending… there’s a Plane and I think a Piano.

7. Lord of the Rings- Nope, none of them. I do enjoy rings though so maybe it should get a look in.

8. The Godfather- Mobsters, I just keep throwing the word Mobster casually into the convo and your friends will believe you’re legit.

9. Pulp Fiction- I have seen right up until Uma and Danny Zuko have a dance off, I may come back to this one.


10. Jaws- I want to be able to swim in the ocean in ignorant bliss, so I stay clear.

11. E.T- Again I blame my parents, this one was your responsibility Mum.

12. The Adventures of Robin Hood- I have seen the Disney version, does that count?

13. Annie– Even I’m ashamed of myself on this one.

14. Gladiator- Russell Crowe and a whole lotta swords, am I right ladies, am I right?

15. The Sixth Sense– That famous kid that now days doesn’t do a whole lot, he saw dead people.

16. The Shawshank Redemption– I’ve lived a sheltered life…

17. Mission Impossible– Tom Cruise pre colt years, just bang on about him.

18. Jurassic Park– Dinosaurs, lots of Dinosaurs.

19. The Goonies– There’s one particular friend of mine who may not speak to me for this one.

20. The Nightmare before Christmas– It has a clothing/ accessory line and everything, I need to life my game.

Wow, there’s some big ones in there, perhaps I need to get a movie bucket list going.

I’m not completely Clueless (see what I did there, have totally have seen that one!) I mean I do own Grease 2 on DVD, Michelle Pfeiffer at her finest thank you very much.

Don’t leave me hanging here guys, are there any classics you have missed out on?


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