I’ve always had a thing for essential oils for as long as I can remember, sure it may have been just cheap and nasty $2 Patchouli but still, my love runeth deepeth.

I remember my first time experiencing Doterra essential oils, I could instantly tell the difference between these certified pure therapeutic grade (CPTG) oils and the synthetic fragrance crap I had become accustomed to.

I must admit, at first although they smelt pretty I didn’t really see the benefit of using them daily, I mean come on they are oils….
So I didn’t buy, not straight away anyway.
In fact it would take me another 12 whole months of watching from afar, researching and googling before I would dive in and purchase.

Long story short once I bought my first kit (I started with the home essentials kit) I was instantly hooked.

Generally when people use the oils they will have an ahah moment, a single moment or experience with a particular oil that will really have a deep and resonating effect on them.

For me, this was peppermint.

Peppermint single handily took care of my daily headaches (caused by a shitty back) and as a result meant I could stop popping Panadol like they were god damn M & M’s, I mean that can’t possibly be good for me so I really needed find a way to stop.

By simply rubbing peppermint on my temples and the back of my neck I started to rely on painkillers less and less until I got to a point where I can’t actually remember the last time I had any.

Seriously it’s been months.

Now, I am no GP, nor am I even remotely trained in the medical profession so ploise do your own research but for me, peppermint has been a god send and I couldn’t imagine my life without it.

It got me thinking that there was much more to these hippy witches potions than I gave them credit for so I dived in and started researching like crazy to see what else they could be used for.

Before I knew it I was reaching for them daily, for anything and everything. In fact my diffuser gets turned on before my feet even touch the ground in the morning.
I do love a good daily routine rundown from a complete stranger (I always seem to pick up something new) so I thought today I would share mine so you can see just how I use my essential oils! Fun right?! My idea of fun anyway hehe

6.30am- Wake up and put Peppermint and Wild Orange and in my diffuser. It’s my instant wake up and smells like unicorns and sunshine. Ill also use my roller ball of balance and on guard and put it on the souls of my feet. (Balance for grounding, on guard to boost my immune system and on my feet as they enter the blood stream within 20 seconds.

6.35am- Have a glass of warm water with a drop of lemon oil- This helps with digestion and to cleanse the liver. (My poor liver, I give him a bloody good work out so this is my way of saying thank you for putting up with my shitty life choices)
I also take my Doterra Lifelong Vitality Supplements (LLV) here. (Bloody Game changers, they have changed my energy levels, moods and help me bounce around for the rest of the day)

6.45am- Have a shower and put a drop of Easy Air on the shower floor, when the steam hits the oil it spreads and helps open up my airways and really wakes you up!
I also make and use my own shower gel with essential oils which I’ll go through at a later date.

7am- Do hair/ makeup and spritz on my home made perfume made up with Essential oils and water in a spray bottle.
Moisturise with my home made moisturiser of fractionated coconut oil and essential oils. (Again I’ll do a video on this soon)

7.30am- Leave for work, I have a wooden peg in the car vent that I put a drop of my oil of choice on each morning and when the air comes through the car vent it is like a beautiful air freshener except instead of smelling like fake frangipani it smells like real, raw beautiful essence.

8.30am- Arrive at work and put on my desk diffuser, usually a mix of whatever I feel like such as lemon and On Guard, Elevation and wild orange, Ylang Ylang and Grapefruit etc.
I have Breakfast and fill up my water bottle and add a drop of lemon or lime oil and sip on it throughout the day.

Throughout the day I will use my diffuser on and off and also use my roller balls of essential oils that I keep in my purse on my wrists, neck and chest. Ill also put a drop of peppermint on my temples and neck after lunch to energise me and keep me going for the afternoon.
See, look how zen I am….

5pm- Leave work and do the peg thing again for the long drive home (takes me roughly an hour to get home)

6pm- Get home and instantly put on my diffuser. At the moment I’m loving Geranium, Ylang Ylang, Cypress and Wild Orange.

7pm until Bed time- Make dinner and potter around, tidy, relax, go for a walk and spend time with family.

11pm- Get ready for bed and set my bedroom diffuser going with Lavender, Frankincense, Vetiver, and Copaiba and if I’m feeling stuffy ill add in easy air too.

I also spray my bed linen and PJ’s with my home made spray bottle of distilled water and lavender.
As its winter I roll my ‘Flu Bomb’ on the bottoms of my feet right before hopping in. (Made with Oregano, On guard, Tea Tree and lemon oil mixed with fractionated coconut oil, this helps to boost my immune system and fight off any bugs coming my way)
Ill also read or listen to a guided meditation

11.30pm- Lights off and ready to do it all again tomorrow.


That sounds like a lot huh but it’s just integrated into my daily life now and takes no time at all.
I absolutely bloody love it. My toxic load is right down and my house, car and self smell bloody brilliant.
I do lots more depending on whatever comes up along the way, like illness, shark week (aka period week) and to help with any emotional stuff happening but on a day to day basis this is my stock standard oil life routine.

I’ve also completely cleaned out my cleaning chemical cupboard which has also been super satisfying and a better healthy option for us; again stay tuned and I’ll explain in depth later.

So that’s it, it’s become like a bit of an obsession for me but I honestly feel so much healthier and am loving this oily lifestyle, and it is it really is a lifestyle. Once you start you will just love how it makes you feel and smell J

If you would like to know more just drop me a line and we can have a chat about how you can get this goodness into your life!


Love Caitlin xo