Hello 2017, haven’t you been lovely so far! That’s largely part to me still being on holidays but as they are coming to an end tomorrow it has got me thinking of how I am going to take charge and make my year just that little bit brighter.

Many of these things I incorporated in as New Year’s Resolutions. The concept of New Year’s Resolutions seems to divide people, personally I am all for them, if you need a reminder such as January 1st then so be it…. I know I do!

Lately I have noticed that I have not been feeling 100%, I feel claggy, sluggish and have little to no energy. I am convinced it is because of my eating and exercise regime, or lack thereof.

I also wanted to take control of a few other non-health related things that I also feel could be managed a little better.

Talking about these changes and putting them here on the blog makes me more accountable so without further ado… Here are the changes I am going to make in 2017

Cutting down on processed foods

I’m not going to be a food nazi about this, if I want something I am going to have it; but as much as I can I would like to be eating things that are not from a box or package. I wouldn’t call it a diet, just as often as possible make better choices. There is a noticeable difference in how my body feels when I do cut out the crap, and I would like that ‘difference’ to be my norm.
I’ve already hit up my local fruit and veg and butcher and only shopped in the actual supermarket for a few other supplies.



I am yet to find an exercise regime that doesn’t bore the shit out of me… So I am trying my luck at running. Yes, that’s right I am learning to run!
It seems weird that you actually have to learn to run, I feel like running is actually just walking briskly for an extended period of time. I mean I walk every day, how hard can it be for fucks sake?  Turns out it is hard and I need help.

I got my google on and researched the best way to go about running for a beginner and have done it a few times now.
I’ll admit that I’m pretty chuffed with myself that I actually did it, I wasn’t even as bad as I thought I would be. Ok sure I’m no marathon runner just yet and there was a fair bit of walking going on there but I still tried and more importantly I will keep trying.

I am also getting back into kick boxing, I went to classes a few years back and loved it. I called a friend and now have my kick boxing buddy all lined up to start in February, I have my own gloves and everything you guys – very ‘float like a butterfly, sting like a bee’ if I do say so myself.



I don’t really drink alcohol unless I have an occasion or event so alcohol consumption isn’t really an issue for me, I can go weeks/ months without giving it a second thought. Don’t get me wrong I do drink, just not on a regular basis.
I can’t stand tea and coffee, to me they taste like sadness and regret so Instead I drink diet coke.

First thing in the morning and all throughout the day; that hard core fizz keeps me going.
I hate that, I hate being a slave to a god damn liquid. Plus it’s totally bad for your insides, even if it is sugar free.
I’ve tried all of the suggested alternatives, water with lemon, soda water etc, they all sound awful to me…. Lemon in water, ugh – again sadness and regret.

The weird thing is I love plain water, as long as it is filtered or from a Pura tap I’m set.

Now add Ice to said filtered water and I am one happy camper so I can only assume it’s the caffeine from the soft drink that I am craving.

This year I would like to kick the habit, I have a pura tap, I have an insulated water bottle, I have no excuses. Its time.


I love to spend money on goods and services, pretty things and experiences just make me happy. But do you know what else makes me happy…….. Savings.
I am working really hard to build up my nest egg and this saved money has to come from somewhere; somewhere like all the extra clothes, makeup, home wares and fun activities.
I have decided to take part in the Style Cost challenge run by Beth at Almost Posh to track and keep a record of what I have purchased and keep a running tally. If you would like to join in you can read a bit more about it here.

These are things that when I reflected back on 2016 are areas that I felt were lagging and could be improved on, these are changes that I can make relatively easily and I think will make me ultimately a tad happier so as much as I can for as long as I can (hopefully it becomes one of those ingrained habits of heard so much about) That’s where you’ll find me.


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