It’s almost that time again. Yep I’m talking about organising your wardrobe time.

Within the next few weeks I’ll put a day aside that shall be consumed with thoroughly going through my wardrobe and getting it back to some sort of level of organisation.

I generally do this twice a year, at the start of Spring/ Summer and at the start of Autumn/ Winter. I am cursed with a teeny tiny wardrobe and a measly chest of drawers so I simply don’t have the space to have my entire wardrobe on show all year round.

It also helps when choosing what to wear, if I have all my clothing options out on front of me getting dressed for the season/ occasion is a breeze.

I actually started editing my wardrobe at a pretty young age, of course I didn’t realise what I was doing at the time, I just knew that it was a shambled mess and needed fixing… these days I have got it down to a fine art. 

Personally I love the satisfaction of seeing all my old clothes packed for the bin or salvos, knowing that what’s left over all works for me and can easily be mixed and matched together…. Let’s not discount the fact that going through your closet means you will probably find clothes you had forgotten you had too, its like free shopping in your own bedroom!

Oh and please don’t give any old ratty clothing to the charity shops, only good condition items that you simply don’t want or wear anymore… they’re not a dumping ground!

Ready? Let’s go…

First things first.

  • Prep time– Get yourself some large plastic containers to store your off season clothes, I use these ones that fit under my bed. That big winter coat that makes you sweat just looking at it in summer? Store it my friend. A few years ago I also replaced all my coat hangers and now only use the velvet flocked ones; not only are they slimmer so you can fit more in but the flock coating means those slinky tops and dresses don’t slide off and fall on the floor. I got mine from the reject shop for ridiculously cheap. Spotlight also have some great flocked accessory type hangers which are fab for scarves etc. Oh and last but not least, garbage bags… they will also serve you well for those throw away and charity shop piles.



  • Time to cull– Clear a space (like your bed) and start going through your clothes. Throw away anything that is discoloured, has holes in it, doesn’t fit and are keeping for when you lose 10kgs (throw away or store it with your off season stuff), throw away anything you secretly hate or doesn’t make you feel foxy. 
    I once had a dress, it was reasonably expensive and still in great condition but I actually kind of hated it, it made me feel frumpy and gross. Whenever I wore it I would have a shit day (yes I blame the dress) but because I had spent $200 on it I kept it… that’s just plain stupid, I eventually saw the light and realised it was bringing bad vibes to my wardrobe karma and it needed to go. I washed it and gave it to the Salvation Army and haven’t missed it at all.


  • Piles- I take out each and every single item of clothing and put it in a pile. The keep pile, the toss pile, the storage pile and the donation pile. I take out every item of clothing until I am staring at an empty wardrobe. I also take this opportunity to actually clean the inside of the wardrobe, dust just loves hanging out in the deep dark corners…


  • Try it on- As you go if you are not sure about something try it on and see how it makes you feel, if you kind of hate it or it doesn’t suit your tastes anymore – chuck it. I also try to think of other ways I can wear the items I already own and make them work hard to earn their rent aka space in my wardrobe.


  • Rebuild- Now it’s time to rebuild. Put all the ‘keep’ items back into the wardrobe 1 by 1 in the order you would like to have them up. I put all my like items next to each other, so all tops together, all dresses together etc and then in colour order. So if I need to reach for a black tee I know exactly where to go to find it. Figure out what system works for you and run with it.  This also makes putting clothes away after wearing them much easier, if my wardrobe is organised I’m much more likely to keep it that way and not use my floordrobe or just put in the washing pile because I cbf putting it away… kidding, I wouldn’t do that im such an adult………ahem. After all the clothes are back in their proper places I then give them a quick spritz of my perfume cause it makes me feel fancy.

FullSizeRender (9) 

  • Get rid of the piles- Throw away, donate or store whatever you need and get it outta sight! Or leave it in the car boot for 6 months… either way…


Now do the same to your undies, socks, hosiery, shoes, handbags, scarves, jewellery and if you’re really game your make up and skin care products….. I believe some people call this spring cleaning….

Hot tip: This wardrobe cull business is much more fun with a friend, you might even be able to help do each other’s and have a bit of a clothes swap party afterwards!

Voila! You’re done, now when you wake up in the morning you are less likely to stare blankly at your budging wardrobe and cry claiming you have nothing to wear… or maybe that’s just me?!?!


Tell me, do you edit your wardrobe regularly? What are your tips and tricks?



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