You guys, it finally happened. Truthfully I’ve been waiting for this day since I started my blog a few months back.

It’s only natural to receive some form of flack when you put yourself out there online as much as I do, I should probably be grateful I haven’t had the entourage of abuse like some of my other blogger friends get.

I blame the age old saying that ‘everyone is entitled to their own opinion’ in theory I agree with this statement, I struggle with it when someone is using said opinion to make a negative judgement on another for no reason at all and then voice it.

Are we really entitled to do/say something so negative just because a thought pops up in our heads that differs from another?

I suppose we are, that’s the beauty of living in a country that promotes relatively free speech, I just think that sometimes we could all (myself included) think twice before voicing those opinions, especially if they serve no purpose.

The amount of times I have witnessed people say something harsh or mean and then back it up with ‘I’m just keeping it real’ or ‘I tell it like it is’ like that little disclaimer makes it all ok for acting like a complete fuck stick.

I’m ranting, back to my story.

I haven’t actually had too much trolling, thank god. I have had a few people disagree with things or have had people take statements the wrong way, that’s ok I can completely understand that. That’s the thing with writing, it can be interpreted many different ways. (How many times have we all read and re read text messages to try to understand the intent behind perhaps a few poorly chosen words or commas?)

No, my trolling has come in a different way, and yes I do consider it trolling whoever you are.

Someone out there who reads my blog and has made their way to my Facebook page has taken my photos and made a fake Tinder account. Not one, but two fake Tinder accounts. (They are using my blog profile picture and a few others in case you are interested)


Just one of the photos…

Truthfully, I have had my own Tinder account in the past but I didn’t use these particular photos and my account is deleted, not just made inactive, deleted.

At first I thought it may have been a Tinder malfunction, but no, someone else is the proud owner of these accounts.

I guess the reasoning behind someone doing this is what is confusing me the most.

Its either someone completely bored and just mucking around, doing what trolls do, or and this is the more disappointing option of the two, someone is trying to mess with me.

Who or why someone would want to do that I currently have absolutely no idea. I say currently because I do plan on finding out who. These things have a way of coming out.

I will admit that right now I’m not sure who it is, I’m not sure if it’s someone I know or a complete stranger, in a way I do hope it’s a stranger just messing around. But if you are reading this, can you at least give me the log in’s so I can see my matches? Id appreciate it.

Stranger or no stranger, I still feel like this person needs some form of help in the brain and thought processing department. I imagine the inception of the idea through to its completion went a little something like this.

Douche Bag- “I’m bored and no one likes me what should we do on this very lonely Saturday night?”

Douche Bags Brain– “Why are you asking me, we haven’t spoken in years?”

Douche Bag- “Yeah but I’m bored and my jerking off hand is tired, I also have no friends or future prospects, I have heard of this new craze called trolling, should we give it a shot?”

Douche Bags Brain– “May as well, it’s not like you have much else going on right now”

Douche Bag- “What about we use that sweet and innocent yet charming bloggers photos for a fake Tinder account? We both know I am far too hideous to actually use my own…. “

Douche Bags Brain- “Agreed, but we have to hurry your mum comes home soon and turns off the wifi at 11pm so you’re not up all night on Extreme Tube while smoking crack”

Douche Bag- “It won’t take long, besides I have an early shift tomorrow at that dead end job I will probably be stuck in forever”

Douche Bags Brain– “…….. I’m outta here”

Douche Bag- “You sound tired Brain, as a reward for ensuring I don’t jam crayons up my nose, I’m going to give you some well-deserved time off after we’re done. I’m going to treat you to some hard-core Game of Thrones viewing, I downloaded it illegally and then bragged about it on the interwebs”

Douche Bags Brain– *…………………Crickets*


…… Ahem just a little insight into how my mind works……. Regardless, I’m positive this is how the conversation went down…. don’t you agree?

Let’s continue shall we? I mean let’s look at how much effort they have gone to.

Firstly, to have a Tinder account you need to have a Facebook page, to have a Facebook page you need an email address…..That’s 3 different fake platforms (Email, Facebook, Tinder) you have had to infiltrate just to make this fake profile…. And for what exactly?

Now none of those things are particularly hard to do, my mother could probably swing it. It’s the effort that this misguided twat face has gone to that is what concerns me…..Concern is probably not the right word, angers me.

I’m not going to lie when I first found out I was extremely angry. So if that was the aim of this little scheme than bravo, you succeeded my friend. (Or ex friend)

While I’m still a little bit angry, I have calmed down a bit….. put it this way I no longer want to eat their babies or staple things to their head. I would however like the accounts taken down….. and a new Mimco phone cover as compensation wouldn’t go astray….

For a micro second I did consider taking my blog down and taking my photos off the internet but then I miss out, I have met some wonderful people and had some wonderful experiences through this blog. I’m sure as hell not giving that up because someone was bored on a Saturday night and has the soul of Lucifer.

I have learnt over the years that people will always talk and do things they aren’t meant to, we may as well give them something to talk about.

So that’s what im doing and will continue to do.


What about you, have you had the pleasure experiencing a troll yet?


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