You guys, its a blog post on a Saturday! What’s with that? Don’t ask me, any structure we once had around here seems to be shot to sh*t lately, lets just go with it shall we?

Is everyone loving the EOFY sales as much as I am? Each day my inbox is bombarded with emails telling me about all these wonderful sales, its a glorious time in the shopping world my friends, glorious.

I even rekindled my relationship with Mimco which hadn’t had any love since my $400 handbag purchase a few years back. I used that bag everyday to get my moneys worth, I would even carry a folded up plastic bag inside the handbag incase my Mimco needed to go on the floor…. yes I know how that sounds but $400 is a lot to spend on a handbag for me, it doesn’t happen very often! You can imagine my reaction when the leather got snagged on a door latch and tore…. We had a Mimco funeral to show our respects, and by we, I mean me and my dog. RIP Mimco.

Im rambling, back to the tops!

Today im sharing the tops and tee’s that made me ditch the dresses and start to wear separates again…

From time to time I’ll write a fashion inspo type post here on my blog. Now here’s the thing with my fashion posts – I don’t claim to know it all, not even close. I’m learning every day and I’m totally fine with that.

I’m not a stylist, I don’t work in fashion and I have no formal training on the subject. I am just a gal who likes to look nice and has a hard core addiction to shopping online for the best bargains… don’t we all!

I’m also a shopping sharer, when I find something I like I want to tell you about it so you can like it too!

I may not be a professional but I have picked up a thing or two over the years and I’m a firm believer that if you look nice you feel nice…. Who cares if its vain, and there is nothing wrong with wanting to look like a fox.

For the longest time I listened to the ‘fashion rules’ that steered me and my apple shape away from wearing separates.

I was strictly a dress or tunic and leggings gal. Now I still do love a dress, and I do agree that they are the most flattering clothing options for my body shape. (A-Line or shift dress all the way!)
But I was kind getting bored wearing the same styles over and over again, plus there’s only so many ways you can mix and match a dress to look like a different outfit.

Sure you change the shoes, jacket, add accessories but that’s pretty much it. A dress is an outfit in itself, I love that about dresses but I felt like it was becoming a bit of a rut-like safety net for me.

Now being a dress addict I don’t actually own many ‘bottoms’ I own a few pairs of jeans/ jeggings, some leggings, pleather leggings, possibly 2 skirts and a few pairs of droppies/ Drop crutch pants.
(That sounds like a lot listed like that but it doesn’t feel like it when it comes to outfit choosing!)

Aside from the droppies all my other options are skinny leg because well, apple life yo. A skinny leg pant is always absolutely an apples best friend.

The hard part to nailing this separates shenanigans is in finding a top to wear with them that didn’t look like I was wearing a tent.

To enter my wardrobe my tee’s and tops need the following criteria met or they don’t get a look in

-Longer length to cover my vajootza, have a dipped hem line or be able to do the half tuck.

-Slightly A-line and in no way clingy around my belly

-Some sort of sleeve

-V-neck or scoop neck line. Occasionally I will buy a top that sits higher but I really have to love it to forgo my desired neckline. Plus I like to get my cleavage out…

Finding tops and tees that covered all these bases was proving quite difficult unless I was willing to shell out over a $100 a pop.

Then I discovered Ruby & Lilli…

I was first introduced to them by some of the fabulous ladies on Instagram and decided to dip my toe in, search the #Everydaystyle hashtag on Insta to see how the other ladies style their R & L.

I gotta say Ruby & Lilli cover each and every one of my tee and top requirements. The quality is fantastic and the best part? The price is on fleek. (I am told ‘on fleek’ is the new saying for ‘on point’ – which means good)

The other thing I like is the sizing, they cater for sizes 8-28 so there’s room for movement depending on how fitted you like your tops. (Even though they are a relaxed style as it is I size up cause I like a looser fit)

It’s definitely made me look at wearing separates in a whole new light and now I’m kinda hooked.

FullSizeRender (4)

Coral Bay Tides Top – Currently on sale for $22.50
Bohemian Traders Droppies
Millers Denim Jacket- Last season

FullSizeRender (5)

Coral Bay Dusk Top- Currently on sale for $19.50
Crossroads Suede Waterfall Jacket- Not showing online, try in store.
Target Jeggings


Viva La Brunch Tee*- Currently on sale for $22.50
As you can see im a bit of a khaki droppie/ denim jacket fan and repeat this style quite often!

I’m possibly a little late to the party as all these styles are from last season but I am wearing them again and again even during winter, I’m excited to see what the new range that will no doubt be released for Spring very soon.

A bonus for these tops being last season? End of season sales!! So at the moment the prices are even better – Some start as low as $10!!!

They even have afterpay so if cashola is tight you can spread out the payments over 8 weeks. Like layby but you get the goods now.

What about you, do you own any Ruby & Lilli? Have you picked up any bargains in the sales?


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