Blogging has lead me to do some pretty cool things, meet some really cool people and connect with a whole other world I would otherwise have no idea about.

It has also done wonders for my self-confidence and body confidence. I’ve always considered myself to be a pretty confident person but when it came to taking photos of my daily outfits and plastering them all over the internet, it did take me a few months to get the hang of it and be fully comfortable.

So when my friend Jen from Styling Curvy approached me to be a part of a body confidence photo shoot with 3 other SA bloggers, I jumped at the chance, I was ready right? Except it wasn’t just any photo shoot, it was to be at the beach, in bathers, oh and no art house over the shoulder shots either, full frontal, unedited, raw and real…..

Fuck. Me. Dead.

After the hype died down I had a moment to reflect on my choices and suddenly I wasn’t feeling so confident.

Was I actually that body confident? I mean I have no problem strutting around in my bathers at the beach normally but it’s been a good 25 years since someone has taken a full length picture of me there… little own put it on the internet and write about it!

After a lot of thought and consideration I decided that the message behind the photo shoot meant more to me than potentially embarrassing myself and opening myself up to ridicule (And being found out as a chubster)

I decided to go for it. To give it a go on behalf of every woman who has ever been body shamed, every woman who has sat on the sand instead of getting in the damn ocean, every woman who has covered up in T-shirts and board shorts when they secretly wanted to ditch them; I did it on behalf of every woman who has ever felt shit about herself due to her cellulite or lack of thigh gap.



I also did it for me, to try something so out of my comfort zone and not hold back because I was a scaredy cat.

So early one Sunday morning I met the squad consisting of Jen from Styling Curvy, Beth from Almost Post & Jazz from Just Wingin’ it down at Henley Beach and channelled my inner Lara Bingle.

Despite all my initial reservations once I was there I actually had the best time. I was present and in the moment, I laughed, posed and started to wonder why I was so worried in the first place.

These 3 ladies are some of the most inspiring woman you will ever meet and on a more personal note made the whole day that much more comfortable. Each of us were supporting and cheering one another on, all in the name of body loving and encouragement.



That is our whole motivation for doing this photo shoot, to encourage and inspire others to actively take part in every aspect of their lives and not give a second thought to how you may think you look to some stranger passing by.

I know it’s not always that easy, believe me, I know…. body confidence and self-love is a work in progress and takes time. But each day you can make small steps towards that goal and one day I promise, it will just click and you’ll wonder why you wasted so much time loathing that belly roll or arm flab.

If I was feeling particularly masochistic I could look at myself in these photos and pick them to absolute pieces, listing each and every flaw saying more negative comments than any stranger could come up with. But instead I choose to see them through different eyes, the eyes of the girl who had the best day, felt confident in her own skin and in my opinion looked foxy as hell….. All the ladies do!




Do yourself a favour and check out the other lovely ladies blog posts on the photo shoot, just click the below links that go directly to their posts.

Jen from Styling Curvy
Beth from Almost Posh
Jazz from Just Wingin’ it


You can also search the hashtags #cossieconfidence and #yourbodyconfident on Instagram for many other kick arse woman rocking their swim suits.


Special thanks go to our super talented photographer Jackie Reichstein, the always breathtaking Henley Beach for your hospitality and last but not least Curvy by Capriosca from Sequins & Sand for our stunning swim suits & getting on board and supporting our message!


So tell me, are you excited for Summer this year? Are you gonna get down to the beach and have some fun in the sun?


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