It’s been a while between blog posts so make sure you’re sitting down cause this is a long one.

The past few months have been a bit cray cray for me, I’m busier than I’ve ever been and to be honest it has kind of taken its toll.

I know now that I’ve taken on more than I can handle and while I can’t cull my load just yet, I can try to make changes to handle it better.

There are things I can put in place to help my stress levels and emotional well-being…. It’s no secret that if those things are in check everything else seems that much more manageable.

It was pretty damn clear towards the end of last year that I needed to make a few changes, I just wasn’t exactly sure what.

So I did what I always do when im in this situation – I go in search of something new.

I join new things, I try new things and I google like a champ until I find what something that makes me look twice. (Precisely how I got into blogging)

They don’t all work out of course, my list of failures is definitely longer than my successes but regardless it always makes for an interesting yet wacky adventure…. If nothing else at least I get to put it in the “Good life experience category”.

There’s really not one single thing that has made the difference but rather a whole bunch of smaller things that collectively come together and are making me happier as a whole and making my commitments seem less of a chore.

I still have days where I feel pretty overwhelmed but these things are making those days fewer and far between.

First things first I joined a gym (classic January move) I don’t particularly love the gym but I do love yoga and Pilates. For $16 a week I can go to as many classes as I want and if the mood strikes I can use the other equipment, the spa, the sauna and the pool. As part of my membership deal I also got 4 sessions with a personal trainer, it’s not something I think I’ll continue after the 4 sessions are up but it’s a good way to be shown around and how everything works. It’s all still pretty new but I’m slowly getting into an exercise routine and for the most part I’m enjoying it.

I stopped saying yes to all the things- I have massive fear of missing out and as a result I have a habit of saying yes to all the invites that comes my way.

Not anymore, I can’t – My body was yelling at me towards the end of the year to rest and when you have a disease like MS you really make a point to listen. (I didn’t have a relapse or anything I just know the warning signs and take them seriously)

It’s not that I don’t want to go to said events – it’s just that these days my down time is few and far between so when I see potential to get some Caitlin time I grab it with both hands. In fact I now schedule it.

On a Sunday as I’m planning my week ahead I cross out nights or a section of time on a weekend and treat my chill time as a non-negotiable.

How I spend my time is my choice and if I want to stare at my dog for 3 hours while watching Grace and Frankie in the background then that’s what I’m going to do.

In the same breath I’m not a douche about it, if you continue to say no to everyone id imagine it would be a pretty lonely existence. Friendships and relationships are important; it’s about finding that balance.

I fell for essential oils… HARD.

I’m one of those weird ones who although appears super girly and prissy is also a closet hippy. I meditate, I have regular energetic healings, I read angel cards daily and I’ve been to more Buddhist and psychic development classes than anyone I know.

Essential oils really just seemed like the next logical step.

I’ve dabbled in them now and then but up until recently I have hesitated in making the jump properly.

But come mid- December my newly discovered anxiety was at an all-time high, I was practically crawling towards the finish line and knew I needed to do something. It wasn’t a medication/ psych appointment scenario (although both options are perfectly fine) but I was in need of some assistance.

I originally went in search of essential oils not just because I thought they smelt pretty but I also had read that they could give me some emotional and mood support; not only did I find it but I was also introduced into a whole world of natural alternatives.

Making the decision to buy an enrolment kit from doTERRA was one of the best things I have done in the whole of 2017. It’s safe to say that I am obsessed – I carry them around with me 24/7 and use them constantly.

Everything from replacing my perfume to cleaning, cooking, mood/ stress management and skin care to minor medicinal.

For my MS I have to take medication that lowers my immune system, this means that I catch each and every cold/ flu going around, pre medication I never got sick so it kind of threw me for 6 when I stared to succumb.

I despise getting sick so when I discovered the immune system blends from doTERRA I immediately jumped on the bandwagon (with the go ahead of my doctors). I take these daily and so far am pretty happy with the result.

The other thing that sealed the deal was my discovery of peppermint oil.

Pre doTERRA not a day went by when I wouldn’t take Panadol, sometimes several times a day due to my constant headaches. I hated that, popping Panadol daily was something that really bothered me and was desperate to find a way to stop.

These days, before I reach for the panadol I try my peppermint oil, it’s been 2.5 months now and I am happy to say that I have only had to use Panadol once in that time and only because I was hungover as a mofo and went straight back to old habits.

That is huge for me and it was enough to make me look into the oily life in closer detail and that maybe there was something to it.

I have swapped out so many of my house hold items and now and try to reach for an effective natural alternative before anything else.

I’m not anti-medications by any means, they certainly have their place in my life but if I can cut down a bit then I feel like that’s a good thing.

I love these oils so much I have now signed up to be a wellness advocate for doTERRA and will be talking about them more and more…. Don’t say I didn’t warn you lol.

If anyone would like some more information I am still quite new at it and still learning but im more than happy to answer any questions you have and to help out. In fact I would love it, it’s my new favourite topic.

Just send me an email to and ill get you sorted or go check out the website here.

(I’m not making any medical claims here guys, do your own research and make the right choice for you)

So there you have it, it’s still a working process of course but I feel much better than I did in December and that in itself is enough to keep me going.