South Australia gets a pretty raw deal when it comes to beauty brands and their availability. For the longest time us Radelaidians have had to save our penny’s for any trips to Melbourne, Sydney or in extreme cases overseas just to get our hands on the good stuff.

But thanks to the guy who invented the internet we can now shop the world’s finest right from our very own lounge room. (Thank you internet dude, bless you)

I received an email a while back from the Australian online retailer store RY stands for Recreate Yourself and that exactly what this website does… It not only lets you Recreate YOURself but it has recreated the way we can buy all the top beauty brands the world has been flaunting in our beauty loving faces all this time… Oh and it’s all cheaper… Much cheaper.

Go straight to the website by clicking this link here

One of the things I love the most is that although RY sells worldly brands, it is an Australian owned and QLD based company. No confusing exchange rates or lengthy postage delays… My package only took 4 days!

The goodies I was sent in my package all made my heart sing, this beauty product junkie loved them all.

Choosing my favorite products from my parcel of sunshine felt like choosing a favorite between my dogs children… which is virtually impossible because they’re all magnificent but if I HAD too…

I would go with the Young Blood Contour kit… Oh em gee, I die! This baby has been on high rotation ever since it arrived on my doorstep. There are shades to suit all skin types and even step by step instructions included inside for that extra little somethin somethin.

Following in at a very close 2nd is the Jane Iredale Mineral BB Cream. The colour I received was actually too pale for me but with a bit of bronzer I still made it work. The reason I went to great lengths to make this colour suit me? It feels like a bloody dream on… While it is classified as a BB cream it is actually a pretty decent coverage and best of all it lasts all day!

Coming in at an 2nd place is the Evo Mane attention protein hair treatment. I have extremely fine hair but just happen to have lots of it. Combine that with the constant heat styling and bleaching and my hair fights back with brute force by looking frizzy, brittle and miserable looking. All it takes is 5 minutes of Evo time in the shower and I can definitely feel the benefits.

I think you guys would really like and want you to try it for yourself! So the team has kindly given us a discount code… First time users can put in the code CAIT4RY at the checkout and will receive $20 off of your order total!  

What about you, have you ever made a purchase from RY? What goodies did you snap up?


*These beauty products were gifted to me for my editorial review, every single one of them… I’m not even ashamed. I wrote about them because I love them, love the shopping ease and thought you might just love it too...