I don’t know about you but some of the hardest days to get dressed for are the days when I have no plans and am doing sweet F.A. (fuck all)

You know, the kind of days where going to the supermarket is the most exciting thing that you have planned.

Its easy in summer, a loose flowy dress and you’re donzo, but in winter we need to layer it up a bit to keep us protected from the elements.

Murphy’s law also means that it’ll be on these types of days that I’ll get a phone call for a last minute catch up to go meet a friend for exciting out of house activities…. with 10 minutes warning…

Now If I am slothing around wearing my thread bare trackies, hair not done and makeup-less this is simply not going to happen, not in 10 minutes. Call me vain, I don’t care, I’m still not going.

This is why I like to make an effort to ‘get dressed’ even on my days off, sure sometimes that means leggings, a giant cardi and some slippers but, should I get invited to some sort of fun fest I can be there in a jiffy.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not sitting at home all dolled up waiting for a party, but if I am wearing proper clothes I am less likely to decline said invites or sit and watch 1000 hours of Gossip Girl reruns.

Although I want to be dressed and semi presentable I don’t want to be uncomfortable and restricted by my clothes.

For me that rules out things like jeans, stiff jackets, belts, excessive jewellery or scarves. If I do choose to leave the house and join civilisation I can always add a statement necklace or a scarf as I’m running out the door but to me, sitting at home in these items is just going to give me the shits.

I’m all about the comfort and to me that means soft drapy clothing that doesn’t have buttons or zips or anything else remotely annoying.

Jeggings are a perfect choice, if you buy quality jeggings they should look like jeans but the comfort of a legging. Don’t be scared of jeggings, I know a few of us still have nightmares of the Supre ones that first appeared on the scene; they were pretty much T-shirt material with a fake denim spray printed on…. *Shudders (No offence Supre but they were awful) 

Despite being quality jeggings I still recommend making sure your lady lumps are covered, even if it’s just a dipped hemline, it makes a giant difference y’all!

winter 1

Ruby & Lilli top
Rockmans Jeggings
Target Cardi
Spendless Delta Boots

I will also swap out the jeggings for ponte pants/leggings. Ponte is the greatest legging material known to women, thick, warm and just plain old better than the rest. If you want to jazz things up a bit there are currently heaps around with pleather panel details that make it look like you have made an extra effort when really you haven’t.

Again, please cover your vajootza….

My other go to home style for slothing is the soft tunic/dress legging combo in a cotton or a jersey type fabric. This is a one of my favourties for a few reasons and all of them are that you instantly look more dressed up than you actually are. You can sit all day in this combo and it is like you’re wearing your PJ’s. Should you be called out into the world for an emergency wine run just add a cape/ wrap and you are good to go.

winter 2

Katies Tunic
Ponte Leggings
Seed Sneakers


My third casual style is the soft pant. These droppies are from Bohemian Traders and I can confirm that they are the bomb digity, stylish and oh so comfy. I was scared of the drop crotch style at first but somehow they manage to work on most body shapes including mine. I find he key is in the top choice, I go for a shirt or a relaxed fit tee so I can do the half tuck at the front. These pants can either sit on the waist or lower on the hips, whatever floats your boat. Now I know I said no buttons but a shirt worn open over a tee doesn’t count, it’s my button free pass so to speak.

wionter 3

Katies Shirt
Bohemian Traders Droppies
Bohemian Traders Tee
Wittner Boots


So there you go, should you rock up at my house or invite me out for activities on a lazy Saturday or Sunday this is more than likely what you will find me in.

Either that or my giant fleecy dressing gown, it’s a coin toss some days…. Am I right ladies?

Oh and I may be exaggerating about the shoes, if im just at home, its slippers all the way and ill only change into ones like ive shown above as im running out the door…. Just saying.


What about you, what do you wear on home days?


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