You may remember a few weeks ago I wrote this post on what to expect during an MRI and how to not freak out, I’ll assume you probably do because so far it was my highest read post! This is largely thanks to my friend Jenni from Styling Curvy who shared the love and my post on her facebook page bringing lots of new and lovely faces over to my little corner of the internet. (Thanks again Jen!)

The purpose of writing that post was simple, to help others. When we talk about these types of things and share our knowledge the fear starts to slowly diminish and we can hopefully move forward with these experiences making them just that little bit easier.

When we open up the conversation the fear of the unknown no longer has any power over us and we’re a lot stronger for it.

My experiences are from an MS point of view but many of you shared your experiences with other illnesses and together I think we have a great collection of tips and tricks of the MRI trade so to speak.

Well today was results day. Anyone who has ever had to get test results will back me up when I say that it is a love/hate kind of day. Of course you want to get your results and have all the information you need but on the other hand there’s a certain part of you that does not want to hear anything other than good news, nerves can’t help but creep in.

I’m pretty good at controlling the old nerves, after all this isn’t my first rodeo…. Any nerves I had quickly turned into frustration when the Neuro ward was running a casual 1.5 hours late.

That’s waiting rooms for you, living up to their name and making you wait…. Luckily I happen to love reading old Take 5 magazines which are in abundance in any waiting room across Adelaide.

After my waiting session I finally saw the fellow (That’s not slang, a Fellow is someone fresh out of Uni learning the ropes and gaining experience), you only get to see the big guns if you are serious or newly diagnosed. To be honest I always high five myself when I get the fellow, it means I’m still in the shallow end of the MS swimming pool.

You can imagine my delight when I was told that my results were inconclusive…… It looks like I have 2 new active lesions but they can’t quite tell, I need more images taken.

I will admit that my stellar personality and usually sunny demeanour did err on the snappy side when this information was portrayed, I feel like a simply phone call could have sufficed.

Look, I have re-enacted my facial expression for you…


We had our usual chat about how I am fine and have had no relapses, I did my physical tests to gage my strength and reflexes and off I went on my merry way with a new MRI date booked and ready to do it all again.

I’m not sure quite how I am feeling about it at this point, there’s nothing to really feel. I know no more than I did this morning.

The good news to take away from all this and the point I always focus on is that I have had no relapses. I am well aware that the lesions I do have could cause issues later in life but for now they are playing by the rules and shutting up.

That is a good thing and that is where my focus is. I can’t stress enough how powerful positive thinking is for any medical condition, especially one like MS which can be bought on by stress.

I had someone ask me the other day why I write about my MS experiences and share it with strangers on the internet, I mean why would someone do that?

First of all the people that read my blog are not strangers, I like to think that we’re all friends here.

The second reason, and to be honest this is my main driving force, is that when you are newly diagnosed you inevitably go in search of information.

A lot of that information can be scary and to be honest down right depressing…. Hint stay away from ridiculous 60 minutes episodes….

They really are absolute rubbish with sad backing music and heightened details designed to play on your heart strings…. They are of no use to you.

By all means educate yourself but know that your life isn’t over… Not even close. Yes, this disease effects each of us differently but there are those of us who are living a very normal and healthy life and I think those stories are worth hearing too.

I wish I had read some when I first went searching and so I write mine in hope it reaches someone who needs to hear it.


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